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Supreme Residences for a Modern Lifestyle ?>

Supreme Residences for a Modern Lifestyle

In a short period of time, Ace Divino has gained excellence, customer satisfaction and trust because of their hard work and dedication. The group has always aimed to exceed the expectations of the customers by delivering homes on time with all the promised specifications. It has been their constant endeavor to provide their customers the best of luxury, comfort and affordability. Their project Ace Divino has all the above-mentioned things in their court. The project is located in the best…

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The Parkway Life ?>

The Parkway Life

Ace Group is one of the best real estate companies in the industry at present which has offered exquisite projects in NCR. The project offers top-notch quality, speedy construction and one time delivery, every time which has always made its customers totally satisfied. The group is creative, innovative and imaginative in terms of its ideas and implementation which makes the group stand out of the crowd. The group has a team of experts which are supremely talented in their respective…

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Sector 150 Noida – What the hype is all about? ?>

Sector 150 Noida – What the hype is all about?

“The prices for projects in Noida sector 150 seem to be comparatively higher.  Is it because of large number of luxury projects in this region or because top builders in Noida are present in this sector?” asks Mr. Manoj Bhardwaj. Well, Mr. Bhardwaj is not the only one who is keen to know this fact, there are number of curious buyers and investors who are churning their mind daily on this. Let us today clear out some interesting facts about…

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Thinking Investment? Think What? ?>

Thinking Investment? Think What?

In India – Think Investment? Think of the following Real Estate Sales and Purchase Stock market and mutual funds Gold Savings or Fixed Deposits Having money in saving account is a decent option, but it should be limited to handle the expenses which are unexpected or uncalled for.  It is impossible to make money rotate or work positively for you by keeping it in your saving account where the interest rate is very less. To ensure that your money grows well and…

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Life just got better with Noida-Greater Noida Metro! ?>

Life just got better with Noida-Greater Noida Metro!

Metro has always been everyone’s favorite companion when it comes to easy and cheap transportation. The well maintained Delhi Metro has changed the way one commutes on day-to-day basis. Although, travelling from Noida to major areas of Delhi has been quite easy but Greater Noida has waited for this as well. The Noida- Greater Noida Metro line has been the talk of the town from quite a long time now. The work is 80-90% completed till date and Greater Noida…

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Factors Showing Home Buying is Easy !!! ?>

Factors Showing Home Buying is Easy !!!

Owning a house of your own is a kind of feeling that cannot be compared with anything else. Your own house is your domain where you can be yourself, relax, leave your tensions back and spend quality time with your family. It’s always favourable to live in your own house rather than a rented house and the current economical scene in India has made it even more easy and convenient for people to buy their own house. Reasons:  Interest rates…

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2017- The best year to buy your perfect home ?>

2017- The best year to buy your perfect home

Buying a dream home can be the biggest decision of your life in terms of time, money and investment. Owning a home gives you a sense of security and stability which lead to a better life in the future. By buying your own home, your costs are predictable and more stable than renting. If we talk about NCR, then with so many new projects in Greater Noida West, it has become very easy for the buyers to invest in something…

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New realty destinations await you via FNG Expressway ?>

New realty destinations await you via FNG Expressway

Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad (FNG) Expressway is a big positive development for commuters and office goers from Ghaziabad and Noida to Haryana. The Expressway is expected to be operational by March, 2018 and the whole project might cost somewhere around INR 4.418 Cr. The FNG Expressway will be a 56 km long 6-lane corridor which will connect NH-9 with NH-2 via Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida. 20 km of the total expressway falls in Noida- Greater Noida region. The 75 meter wide six lane…

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Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Buying a House ?>

Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Buying a House

All our lives we work hard to buy our own dream house where we wake up in the comfort of our personal space. We wait for the right time and right amount of money to plan that perfect home. But is it really that easy to buy a house?  There are certain things we must check and analyze before investing the hard earned money on a property we always dreamt off. 1. Is the project RERA compliant? – With the…

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Find Your Freedom, Without Leaving Home ?>

Find Your Freedom, Without Leaving Home

Ace Group has changed the way people see luxury in real estate. With Ace Parkway, the company has redefined luxury like no one else did. With a prime location like Sector 150 Noida, the project is not only located in the best sector of Noida but also offers luxurious residences with utmost affordability. Life in Sector 150 Noida is comfortable, affordable and fresh. The sector keeps you within the center of the NCR by keeping your surroundings away from the…

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