10 Ways to rejuvenate your old kitchen into modern kitchen

10 Ways to rejuvenate your old kitchen into modern kitchen

Kitchen is where the heart of home resides and this article will help you to harness the power of choosing the right colors, patterns, and styles to modernize your kitchen:

Brighten with lighting

To elevate a space from mediocre to absolutely splendid, shed some additional ceiling light for a dramatic effect, just like the mood lighting set-up in the luxurious flats in Noida Expressway designed by Gauri Khan, at ACE Parkway.

gauri khan

Make a statement with wall-art

Introduce a splash of bold colour against a white backdrop to incorporate a feel-good vibe. Different accessories can be displayed by placing few pieces casually against the wall as well.

Upgrade your cabinetry

If the basic structure of the kitchen is in good shape, it would be ideal to revamp the cabinets by altering a few components, like simply replacing the handles.


Fix a wall-hung holder

An efficient resolve to avoid a cluttered kitchen is the use of a wall-hung set-up where cleaning cloths, foil, smaller utensils can be propped up to keep the worktop clean.


Fun with art

To imbue a sense of aesthetic balance, add some new fabrics on old chairs and spruce up the tablecloth for a fresh and elegant look.

Change the faucet

Taps and sink are often the focal point of the kitchen and amping them up can make a bold statement and add a distinctive character.


Repaint kitchen surfaces

One of the simplest ways is warming up with the right shade of rich yellow or green and adding a few delicate tones of metallic finishes.

Modernize with wallpaper

Bring up some wallpaper and cover the front of any household appliance to add a playful personality. The top builders in Noida provides it with the same.

Kitchen wallpaper

Upcycle kitchen furniture

Knock off the tired hardware by giving it a vintage look. Add some old stools near the kitchen island and turn it into a breakfast bar.

Modify the splashback

Glass and stainless steel are perfect choices for protecting kitchen walls. ACE Parkway, which is a luxurious property in Sector 150, Noida makes an incredible statement with the selection of materials including ceramic, glass and stone.


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