ACE Commercial Properties in Noida: Amenities & Facilities

ACE Commercial Properties in Noida: Amenities & Facilities

Are you searching for a commercial office space for lease in Sector 132 Noida? Perhaps, you are more drawn to Noida Sector 153 because of its location benefits. Regardless, ACE commercial properties in Noida can guarantee luxurious office spaces for your business.

Every ACE commercial project is unique. However, there are a few similarities real estate builders worldwide believe a commercial property must have. 

So, let’s start our discussion and learn about how ACE’s commercial properties in Noida can turn into ultimate office spaces for multinationals and local entrepreneurs. 

Sustainable Design 

When it comes to ensuring a commercial property has a sustainable design, ACE Group has won by launching two IGBC Gold-Certified commercial projects. 

  • ACE Capitol 
  • ACE 153

It is no secret that commercial buildings contribute significantly to waste generation, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emission. Undoubtedly, ACE Group India has set a precedent by adopting sustainable practices while planning the construction of two of its most-prized commercial properties.  

commercial properties in Noida

Developing an energy-efficient design, adopting water conservation measures, and using renewable energy sources are a few notable steps ACE Group decided to take. Surprisingly, businesses worldwide are indulging in future-proofing their investments by integrating sustainable practices into commercial projects and aligning with evolving market trends and consumer preferences. 

Ultimately, it helps strengthen the resilience and value of the project over time.  

ACE Capitol is one of the premium commercial properties in Noida that even offers electric charging stations to encourage the use of eco-friendly vehicles.  

Parking Facilities

The availability of private parking spots in ACE commercial properties in Noida is what makes them appealing to tenants and multinationals. Providing parking facilities in a commercial project proves beneficial for employees, tenants, and visitors.

It becomes convenient for everyone to access the premises. Most importantly, it keeps you away from wasting time and effort looking for parking spots on the street or public lots. 

Moreover, dedicated parking facilities prove much safer for tenants, employees, and visitors. Security is better in commercial projects with surveillance cameras, well-lit parking areas, and patrol guards. 

Fortunately, ACE Group realizes the significance of offering designated parking spaces to tenants of commercial properties in Noida. You’ll have no trouble finding a spot for your vehicle in any of the commercial projects of ACE Group, including ACE 153, ACE Capitol, and City Square. 


Providing a gymnasium on commercial property offers employees convenient access to fitness activities and exercise. Everyone’s aware of the numerous health benefits of regular physical activity, such as boosted energy levels, improved cardiovascular health, reduced stress, and strengthened mental health. 

Having a gym nearby gives employees the golden opportunity to attain a work/life balance in which their health is not compromised because of work. Needless to say, companies that promote employee health and well-being enjoy notable boosts in productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, it leads to reduced absenteeism and maximized job satisfaction.  

When it comes to ACE’s commercial properties in Noida, you’ll find a fully equipped and modernized gymnasium at ACE Capitol, ACE153. 

Don’t forget that ACE 153 will also have a state-of-the-art yoga and pilates studio. 

Retail and Dining Options 

Interestingly, ACE commercial properties are strategically located, putting them in close proximity to numerous retail and dining options. Of course, some projects, like ACE Medley Avenue, City Square, and ACE Capitol offer in-house dining and retail options. 

Again, this adds convenience to everyone’s lives, including tenants, visitors, and employees. This is because they don’t need to travel elsewhere to fulfill their dining and shopping needs. The availability of retail and dining options in commercial property makes the project user-friendly and boosts its appeal. 

commercial properties in Noida

In addition to this, retail and dining options attract increased foot traffic and engagement, benefitting all businesses by attracting more potential customers, sales opportunities, and exposure. 

Did you know ACE Capitol has a multi-cuisine food court where you can eat all types of meals and dishes suited to your taste buds? It is certainly one of many unique selling propositions of this project. 

Location Benefits 

Connectivity is one of the key factors that determine a commercial project’s value in the eyes of tenants. ACE Group has carefully picked the locations of its multiple commercial properties in Noida, putting all of them close to connecting roads and highways. Indeed, this makes commuting fairly easy for visitors, tenants, and employees. 

For example, ACE Studio enjoys a three-way connection to South Delhi via Mayur Vihar, the DND Expressway, and Kalindi Kunj. Moreover, it is closely situated close to Amit University and Noida’s flourishing sector 18. 

Similarly, Yamuna Expressway, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, and DND Expressway are in close proximity to ACE Medley Avenue in Noida Sector 150. Its location leads to effective commutation across Agra and Delhi-NCR. Plus, the under-construction Jewar Airport is also near this commercial project. You can also find many educational institutions, hospitals, entertainment hubs, and shopping malls nearer to Sector 150 Noida.  

Coming to ACE 153, it is located within walking distance from the nearest metro station. Secondly, Noida Sector 153 is the first institutional sector you will witness in Noida while commuting from the Noida International Airport. Most importantly, it is less than 500m away from the Noida Expressway. 

ACE Capitol, a highly sought-after commercial office space in Noida, is another strategically located project. From a metro station for commuting to eateries and fine dining restaurants, you’ll find everything in the close vicinity of this incredible commercial property. 

Want to know about ACE commercial properties? Contact ACE Group to move forward swiftly. 


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