Commercial Property in Yamuna Expressway – A Real Estate Goldmine

Commercial Property in Yamuna Expressway – A Real Estate Goldmine

The Yamuna Expressway, popularly referred to as YXP, is poised to bring about a radical transformation in the commercial real estate industry. The construction of this expressway has greatly improved accessibility and reach in this area. This has, therefore, become more appealing to prospective investors and companies seeking to set up commercial property in Yamuna Expressway. 

The six-lane, 165.5-kilometre modern expressway has led to higher demand for commercial space, which has raised the value of property in this area and created hundreds of job openings.

This article further explores why this part of the expressway is a business real estate gold mine.

Easy Connectivity

The Yamuna Expressway-YXP has transformed transport efficiency, lowered transport costs, and reduced business operation costs.

By linking customers and suppliers, the expressway has created a smooth pathway for the region. Its strategic location is an investment destination for possible investors granting access to newer markets. Let’s find out what further transportation developments we can expect. 

Mono-Rail Connecting To The Airport

The Swiss firm – Zurich Airport International AG was commissioned by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) to formulate a feasibility report for a mono-rail project linking the Noida Airport at Jewar, Uttar Pradesh, with Greater Noida’s Knowledge Park-4. This was an initiative by the Uttar Pradesh government’s plan to look for cost-effective alternatives to the Metro, which is considered relatively expensive.

Preliminary estimates show that one kilometre of mono-rail will cost around ₹70 crore, compared to the ₹300 crore required for one kilometre of Metro. An estimated cost of about ₹5,000 crore would be for a Metro line from Jewar to Greater Noida, while it would be about ₹2000 crore for a mono-rail.

In 2020, a deal between the state government and YEIDA was reached with the Swiss company to ensure that multimodal connectivity would be achieved from Noida Airport to other cities in the NCR once the airport becomes operational in September 2024. 

YXP-Pod Taxi Circuit Project

YEIDA has envisioned building the largest Pod Taxi Circuit in the world on the Yamuna Expressway. This project is expected to incur about ₹640 crore in investment costs.

The pod taxi system will involve tiny electric vehicles powered by autonomy to connect the upcoming Noida International Airport to nearby destinations like Film City and Knowledge Park-4, thereby increasing ease of access. 

Improved connectivity will be a major boost, especially for businesses, and help them get more customers due to increased footfall in the area. Each pod shall take up to six passengers and operate at a speed of approximately 40 km/h.

This pod taxi system is expected to deliver many benefits. This includes the following: 

  • Introducing the pod taxi system on the Noida-YXP will significantly decrease travel time between various destinations.
  • It also aims to cut down on traffic congestion on expressways. The pods will work on a unique elevated track, preventing them from encountering other traffic.
  • The pod taxi system will use electric vehicles, which will help reduce air and noise pollution.
  • Tourists’ visits are likely to go up with the pod taxis, as the system makes it easy and convenient for them to visit places of interest.

YEIDA has already put out global tenders for constructing a pod taxi system.

How is the Yamuna Expressway Impacting Commercial Projects Nearby?

Due to the development of this expressway, commercial property for sale in Yamuna Expressway has seen a surge. 

Logistics & Warehousing

The location of the YXP-Noida could also serve as a prime beneficial factor when establishing your company in the area. Its outstanding accessibility to important industrial hubs like Noida, YEIDA, and Greater Noida is one of its main features.

Additionally, the Tappal-Bajna region, roughly 10 km from the airport, will be home to YEIDA’s multimodal logistic park (MMLP). Stretching across 200 hectares, it holds the potential to be developed as a hub for warehousing and storage. The project will have a budget of Rs 3,500 crore and is expected to generate employment for 1,100 people. 


There is also a burgeoning demand for retail space, amplified by an increase in population and the growth of economic activities in the Noida-YXP area. Over the last few years, shopping malls and retail centres were also introduced along the Yamuna Expressway to cater to the growing customer base.


This expressway is becoming an attractive spot for the titans of the IT and BPO industries. Over the years, several IT and BPO parks have sprouted within the expanse of the expressway, keeping abreast of the expanding sector. It is now home to many international organisations.

Some of the notable IT and BPO parks in the region are:

  • HCL
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Microsoft 

The rapid growth of IT hubs along the Yamuna Expressway-YXP has also aided in creating numerous jobs, making the area an attractive investment target for businesses.

The Government’s Support For Buyers of Commercial Property in Yamuna Expressway

There are several incentives and subsidies from the government for businesses setting up operations in the region. Such measures include tax exemptions, lower interest rates, and subsidies on power tariffs.

The Uttar Pradesh State Government has undertaken several measures to enhance the ease of business in the region. The government has made the regulatory environment simpler and less costly for businesses to begin and operate.

If you want to kick-start your business, you may want to consider investing in commercial property in Yamuna Expressway. The value of your property will skyrocket as the region develops further, and your business will significantly benefit from the anticipated increase in foot traffic.

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