Eco-friendly home decor ideas

Eco-friendly home decor ideas

Living in an apartment certainly comes with its interior design-related challenges. Being one with nature is really important. Our lifestyle should ideally be such that it ensures minimal burden on our ecology as our ecosystem which is already suffering too much under the burden of mindless exploitation. We as responsible individuals must make sure that we do whatever we can to enrich and protect our precious resources. Every day, more people are making transformations from independent homes to apartments, making them a common sight in most cities. Our homes use a lot of resources and can be extremely wasteful if we do not take proper measures. We can make small changes to our life and home that will help our planet in the long run.

Such apartments, which has made a green living with an essential aspect of their living space plans. A well-sized flat in Noida Expressway that comes with at least two balconies which offer the much needed outdoor-indoor space.

Here are some interior design ideas to go green with your apartment interiors.

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  1. Use plants as decorations

This is a no-brainer. Plants provide oxygen and filter out harmful chemicals from the air. Plus, they offer natural beauty, ambiance, and freshness, bringing a little of the outside into your home. Think mint or pine’s refreshing scent or any number of flowers’ lovely fragrances. Lilies, bamboo palm, or gerbera daisies especially do wonders in improving air quality.

  1. Let the light in

The right lighting can make all the difference in space. If you live in a cold climate, always try to maximize the natural sunlight in your space by freeing windows of heavy curtains and blinds. For privacy purposes, roller blinds are more versatile than curtains and let morelight in. Just ensure that if you don’t have curtains, your windows are completely secure in terms of insulation so no heat escapes and no unwanted cold enters in.

  1. Use furniture made from natural materials

Forget chairs and tables made from plastic molding. Make your home’s interior eco-friendly by using furniture made from natural wood and other organic or sustainable materials. Bamboo is another suitable option, but better yet: buy antiques and used furniture whenever possible.

Take a good look at your home. If you see any plastic, polyester, nylon, particleboard, chromed metal, any non-organic or synthetically engineered material, get rid of it and replace it with natural materials.

  1. Choose natural textiles &finishing

The list of household items that ought to be crafted from natural materials goes beyond furniture. Fashioning pillows, mattresses, upholstery, and beddings from natural materials, for example, cuts down on the production of synthetic materials that ultimately end up languishing in landfills.

Carpets and rugs should be created from natural fibers (e.g., wool, cotton, jute) rather than VOC-filled synthetics, which are the norm. Any wall finishing should be in wood or ceramic. It may cost a bit more, but it’s better for both you and the environment.

If you are looking for such homes in which you can always make changes with ease, then your search ends here!

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