The Ultimate Guide to Decorating a Small Space

The Ultimate Guide to Decorating a Small Space

Wondering how to utilize your home’s nook and corners in the best possible way? It’s time to unveil some useful tips for decorating a small space by working smartly and using your creative mind to come up with innovative home decor ideas. 

Follow these tips to turn your small space into a stylish bit of heaven. 

Invest In A Pedestal 

When it comes to decorating a small space, a tall pedestal or a column turns out to be the perfect item. You can adorn it with a gorgeous flower vase, family heirlooms, art pieces, and even with plants. Options are basically limitless when it comes to decorating a pedestal. 

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Or you can simply place an ornamental glass or a ceramic bowl to use the pedestal as a place of holder for car/home keys, wallet, phone, etc. 

Add Mirrors

Did you know mirrors are great at creating the illusion of a larger space? However, you have to be careful while placing the mirrors around the room. 

You can hang mirrors on opposite walls or across from windows to make the small space appear more spacious. 

This is a commonly used technique that ultimately reflects light, making your small space look much bigger. 

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Use Vertical Space 

After hanging mirrors and organising the entire place, it’s time to make use of the vertical space in your small area. A lot of people don’t know how to use vertical space in their homes and offices. 

Using the vertical space correctly can create the illusion of a larger place effectively. It involves hanging artwork and shelves on the wall. There’s also the option of installing vertical cabinets or shelves. 

This way, you can decorate a small space and use the shelves, cabinets, baskets, etc., for storage.  

Add Pops of Colour 

Our first suggestion is to use light colours since they reflect light and make a small space feel larger. 

However, you can also use pops of colour to enhance the visual appeal of the entire place. Choose colours that suit your taste and personality. Make sure the colours you select are visible in the furniture, walls, flooring, accessories, and other items around the place. 

You can also pick colours based on the ongoing season. Adding pops of colours uplifts the ambience of a small space and eliminates its dull-looking attributes.

Bonus Tips To Decorate A Small Space

  • How about you add plants to the space? Plants give a nice touch of greenery and improve the air quality of the area. 
  • If you want to create an exciting and visually appealing place, don’t be afraid to experiment by mixing different decorating styles and designs. 
  • You can also convert your small space into a focal point and draw the attention of visitors. Plus, a focal point also gives a sense of balance and relaxation. You can opt for a faux fireplace, a large window, or a piece of artwork as your central point. 
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while decorating a small space. Try new styles, keep the ones you like, and discard those you dislike. 

The Takeaways?

Tap into your creative mind and come up with the best ideas to decorate a small space. Be vigilant about using vertical space according to your needs and the ambience of your room.

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