Hacks To Keep Your Home Clean After Holi

Hacks To Keep Your Home Clean After Holi

With Holi drawing near, it is time to enjoy the celebrations, but with caution. The event not only leaves you with lovely memories, but it also leaves you with colour-stained walls and smeared home decor. So, how can you protect your home from damage caused by the festivities? Here are a few short tips!

Every year after Holi, when you look around your house, there isn’t a single area that doesn’t remind you of the previous day’s revelry. Whether it’s colour stains on the sofa or fingerprints on the walls, you always wish you had done a better job of preparing your home for the aftermath of the festivities.

Because your home’s walls are the most exposed, they are the most vulnerable to unexpected splashes of colour during Holi. As a result, you must be extra prepared to defend your walls. Here is a list of things you should do before and after Holi to give your walls and interiors the ultimate shield.

How To Keep Your Indoors Clean This Holi 

Use Washable Paint or Anti-Stain Varnish

On your walls, you could use washable paint. This sort of paint is efficiently removed with a towel or a sponge, making it an excellent wall barrier against colour stains, pencil traces, or even tea stains!

Prevent colour from filling in wall fissures! If you have cracked wall corners, try covering the spaces with crack protection coating to preserve your walls’ consistency. As removing the colours out of these areas could be difficult.

You can also apply anti-stain varnishes to the walls as a safety measure.

But how do you remove Holi colour stains from your unprotected walls?

Well, not to worry. If you have non-washable wall paint with Holi colour stains, soak the wet colour stains with tissue paper before applying a baking soda and water paste to the stained regions. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes. The paste and stains can then be gently removed with a delicate, microfiber cloth. Circularly rub the cloth against the wall until the colours are removed.


Cover Your Furniture

Cover the upholstery on the furniture with sofa covers, bedsheets, newspapers, or old curtains. You can also safeguard the wooden furniture by wrapping it in plastic or cellophane.

If you have limited space and cannot relocate the furniture, begin cleaning it the same day.

Vacuum the furniture to remove dry colour sprinkles. If your wooden furniture has wet colour stains, clean them with an acetone-soaked cotton pad.

Brush away the dry colours from sofa cushions using a nylon brush. Wet colour stains on cushion covers can be removed by soaking them in vinegar or lemon juice for a few minutes and then washing them with clean water.

Protect Your Doorknobs By Applying Oil

As the first surface you touch when moving from one room to another, doorknobs take the brunt of Holi celebrations quickly. This Holi, be careful not to leave coloured fingerprint stains on the doorknobs and use oil to help the stains disappear swiftly the next day.

Add some mustard oil to all the doorknobs, door handles, bathroom fittings, and storage fittings. The oil will protect the knobs from colour stains and keep them from fading. You can also use petroleum jelly in place of mustard oil. 

Move Indoor and Balcony Plants Away From Colours

Remember to take care of your indoor plants during Holi. Following this step beforehand can reduce the likelihood that you will forget to keep the plants out on the festival day. The simplest approach to avoid messing with the greenery at home during Holi is to keep them away because covering the plants might not be a smart idea because the cover can mishandle the branches and blooms. 

Put them somewhere safe until the colour splashing stops, such as a room or a cupboard. If you have balconies with planters, put them out of the way in a spare space or block the space so that colours can’t reach the plants.


While there are many ways to get your house ready for Holi, the tips we have mentioned are the quickest and most cost-effective solutions. Which is why, our colour-proofing recommendations can help you plan your strategy wisely and keep the interior of your home stain-free.

Have a wonderful, colourful and hassle-free Holi!

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