Noida Sector 150: A Green Oasis For Urban Dwellers

Noida Sector 150: A Green Oasis For Urban Dwellers

Amongst the urban symphony of cars honking and concrete jungles lies a green sanctuary – Noida Sector 150. Here, you will find towering skyscrapers in between a flourishing verdant landscape—an oasis that brings nature’s wonders to your everyday life. Compared to Noida’s various sectors, Sector 150 has abundant lush parks and expansive green spaces. It offers a much-craved unique blend of nature’s tranquil and urban convenience. 

Within this haven of greenery stands ACE Parkway, a testament to harmonious living amidst acres of landscaped gardens, whispering fountains, and relaxing pathways. ACE Parkway has emerged as a jubilant residential project among the prestigious projects in Sector 150 Noida. Let us further explore this exemplary sector and ACE Parkway that piques the interest of any nature-loving homeowner. 

Embrace The Green in Noida Sector 150

Once a barren stretch of land, Noida has blossomed over the years into a dynamic metropolis. Irrespective of its rapid growth, the city has fostered a strong rapport with nature.  Praise to the visionary plans of the UP government, Noida Sector 150 was designed with an emphasis on green spaces and developing one of the most eco-friendly zones in the National Capital Region. 

During the development years, Ombeer Singh, Director of Horticulture at the Noida Authority, stated, “Noida has come up with the greenest sector 150 in the NCR. 80 percent of Sector 150 is green. This sector will have the biggest park in a residential sector.”

ACE Parkway: Low-Density Green Project

In the spectrum of new projects in Noida, ACE Parkway transcends for its commitment to luxury, integrated with green and healthy living. This residential project perfectly amalgamates modern architecture and environmentally conscious living. 

This property in Sector 150 Noida offers a range of flats in Noida Expressway, in a low density green based project. It delivers 85 apartments per acre, with living spaces ranging from 2, 3, 4 BHK apartments to the most sublime penthouses. This project overlooks a ~42 acre Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park and offers pollution-free living. While the enchanting interiors were designed by Gauri Khan, the project itself is Earthquake Resistant promising exclusivity and durability simultaneously. Adding to its opulence are internal wood frames with flush/skin doors and laminated wooden flooring. 

A Sector That’s More Than An Address

Choosing Sector 150 Noida as your home is about equitably welcoming a lifestyle that appreciates your well-being and the environment. Along with the green spaces, this sector is also known for its well-planned infrastructure and connectivity. Easy commute to other parts of the NCR through the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and Yamuna Expressway, plus efficient public transport and proximity to commercial hubs, make it an ideal location for a home with convenience and an uncompromising quality of life. 

There are also a few highlights that add more value to a property in Sector 150 Noida.  The ~42 acre Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park, as mentioned earlier, a 9-hole golf course, and the Helipad are located here. Furthermore, the much-awaited Jewar International Airport is also in close proximity. 

The city’s knowledge hub is also well-connected throughout Sector 150. Due to the area’s proximity to the Hindon River, the Noida Authority has also been developing a recreational green zone. Since future urban development will not interfere with the area’s natural greenery, the future appears bright for the locals. 

Furthermore, there are also plans for an upcoming Sports City in Sector 150, where the development of sports facilities such as golf courses and cricket and tennis academies will take place. It would be a mini-township with an area dedicated to residential and commercial usage. 

The sector, which is focused on the environment and healthy living, has also recently announced the construction of an international cricket stadium, which is expected to be completed in 3 years. This stadium is said to be a part of the ‘integrated sports city project’ and will be developed along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway in Sector 150. With a seating capacity of 40,000 and a minimum playing area of 137.6 metres from the boundary-to-boundary square of the pitch, it could host international cricket matches as well as the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

A Centre For Recreational Activities

Imagine yourself jogging in the morning, cycling through the tree-lined avenues, or having a whimsical evening by the lake. This sector, with its abundance of parks and waterbodies, is your haven for recreational activities. The numerous opportunities provided for its residents are not just beneficial for their physical health but also for the well-being of their mental health. Outdoor activities provide a much-needed breather from the daily grind of urban living. 

Now, imagine being able to carry out these activities within your residency. ACE Parkway is not only offers the usual luxury residential projects but also offers 51 unique sports facilities for your relaxation and recreation. These exclusive facilities range from a temperature controlled indoor pool to an outdoor pool, a badminton court, jogging trail, yoga garden and much more. 

Recreational spaces are not just limited to adults; there is also space for a kids’ play area, hopscotch, and a tot-lot for the little ones. At ACE Parkway, you can explore the hum of nature to unwind your day and allow the green landscape to be a balm for your soul. 

The Green Future of Sector 150 Noida

With drastic urbanisation across the globe, it is surely a ray of hope towards a greener future when we witness areas such as Noida Sector 150, which emphasises green living and sustainability. Furthermore, luxury projects like ACE Parkway demonstrate the possibility of the harmonious coexistence of luxury and green living. 

Sector 150 in Noida is a shining example of how urban development can coexist with environmental responsibility as we head towards a future when the value of sustainable living becomes ever more apparent.

If you are seeking a property in Sector 150 Noida, this sector offers not just elegant apartments but a lifestyle that is infused with nature, comfort, convenience, and copious amounts of luxury. 

Want to know more about ACE Parkway and what exclusive amenities it offers? Head to our website or contact ACE Group for more information.


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