The Home That Breathes

The Home That Breathes

It might be challenging to find enough room to develop a garden if you live in a city or areas like NCR. So, if you own a big flat or apartment in Delhi NCR with large balconies or window boxes, then these are the best ideas to add a touch of greenery to your house. A balcony or a rooftop garden is exactly what it sounds like: a garden set up on a balcony or your roof. Because of the restricted area, this style of urban gardening is based on container gardening. You may add little trellises to your pots and containers to allow some plants to grow vertically, depending on the size of your balcony or roof.

Tips for Home Gardening

If you live in a flat in Delhi NCR or an urban location, your options are more limited than those who have access to land, but you still have possibilities. These are excellent practises for getting started with a garden on a balcony or other tiny space.

Remove the surplus.

The initial step for preparing any kind ofgarden is to free its space from debris, rocks, and weeds. Eliminating these are necessary as they compete with the plants for nutrients and overpower their growth. For removing them, you might need tools and equipment like spade, garden fork, Grubber and shovel.

Do the fundamentals precisely

Balcony or rooftop gardens require the same attention as ordinary gardens. Ensure your plants get adequate direct sunshine, try mulching the soil in your pots, and water them periodically. You may also make a tiny compost container to collect cooking leftovers. People living in high rise apartments can opt for balcony gardens and those living in independent floors or row houses can utilise their rooftops in case of lack of space at ground.

Be cautious in extreme winters.

Bring your plants inside when the weather changes unless you live in a warm place or another place with a year-round moderate temperature. Extreme cold temperatures can adversely affect few herbs. Overnight rains or heavy dew also causes damage to rooftop and balcony gardens.  

Use window boxes and hanging plants.

Hanging baskets and planters are extremely useful for maximising space in urban gardening. You may even try growing a windowsill garden. Use high-quality, loam-rich potting soil in any container you select. Usage of boxes and hanging plants utilises the optimum space and provides attractive look to the balcony also.

A home garden is an excellent way to use your outside or free area. It will beautify your balcony and supply you with fresh tastes to utilise in your cooking. Make a few considerations before you begin, such as how much sunshine your patio receives and whether to buy seeds or saplings. Pick up the proper tools and learn how to water and harvest your herbs to ensure the success of your balcony and roof herb garden. Moreover, these acts also assist in various movements and campaign across our country which urges us to go green and reduce pollution. As we all know that plantation is the best way to fight pollution and we shouldn’t be waiting for environment day or earth day to invest in plantation. Rather, we make it a habit to follow.

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