Vastu Shastra Tips For A Prosperous Home

Vastu Shastra Tips For A Prosperous Home

Everyone wants a peaceful home with a happy family. But, sometimes, despite our efforts, things keep going the wrong way. Vastu shastra is a very ancient spiritual science of banishing negative energies from home and attracting positivity. Home vastu is the practice of designing and arranging your home in a particular way that attracts prosperity and peace. 

Here we will be taking a look at a few vastu tips for inviting positivity and prosperity into your home.

Plants For Vastu Shastra

According to this ancient science, one of the best Vastu shastra plants is the tulsi plant. The tulsi plant is given utmost respect and is worshipped due to its association with Lord Vishnu. 

The tulsi plant soaks up the negativity and boosts positivity in the environment. Do not decorate your home with a bonsai tree, cactus or dried flowers. Instead go for fresh flowers as they attract positivity.


Vastu Tips For Home Decor

Regarding home decoration, you should mount your wall clocks on the east, north and west walls. Ensure all the wall clocks in your home are placed in these directions. This will open the doors to new work opportunities and remove any hurdles in your plans. Avoid green-coloured wall clocks as they may create obstacles.

Another tip for home decor, according to vastu, is to keep the big and heavy furniture along the west and south sides of the walls, while light furniture should be kept with the east and north walls. Also, try avoiding metal furniture. Metal emits an electromagnetic field which increases negative energies

Vastu Tips For Sleeping

According to vastu, one should not sleep with their head placed in the North. Because our heads represent the north direction. If a person sleeps with their head in the north, they can face health issues like blood disorders or sleeplessness. 

Vastu For Living Room

For a happy and prosperous home, do not decorate your living room with paintings that depict sorrow. Remove all the broken decorative showpieces as, according to home vastu, they can be a cause of bad luck. Style your living room with air-purifying plants such as the money plant, snake plant and areca plant. Also include paintings and artwork that depict natural landscapes.

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