Home is the heaven where people find themselves in peace. An aesthetically appealing interior and a high-profile architectural vibe won’t be enough to create a positive environment. For that, there’s one element that requires adding to your interior, and that’s Vastu Shastra. So let’s find out how to bring positivity with these Vastu tips for home.

People in India have been practicing Vastu Shastra for over 1,000 years and have developed a great sense of viewing their living space. 

Vastu Shastra or Vastu develops inner peace, and to make it a lifetime peaceful, here are a few Vastu tips for home. 

Vastu Tips For Home

Main Door

The main door of your house plays an important role in letting positive energy spread inside the house. As per Vastu, the main door should be constructed in such a way that when someone steps out, they should face the north, east, or north-east direction.

Greenery Inside The House

Most people avoid keeping fresh plants or do not like having plants. But when it comes to Vastu, plants do play an essential role in making the home interior environment peaceful. Not only for positive energy, but plants are also beneficial for a healthy lifestyle in many ways. 


For everyone, their bedroom is the quietest place where they can sit, think and sleep. It’s a personal space where you come in every night to have a proper 8 hours of sleep, but most are not able to find that ‘good night sleep’ due to the negative energy in the room. 

For well-being and peaceful quality sleep, follow this Vastu tip every night to make your bedroom with positivity.

Place your bed in the south or west direction. This way, while you are sleeping, your face and legs will be facing in the north or east direction. This tip will help you have a quality night’s sleep despite having a hectic routine. 

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