YEIDA’s 10,500-Hectare Manufacturing Hub On YXP

YEIDA’s 10,500-Hectare Manufacturing Hub On YXP

YEIDA has taken a gigantic stride towards promoting economic growth and urbanisation on the 165 km Yamuna Expressway that leads to Agra. This initiative is captured in the recently endorsed Master Plan 2041, which provides a roadmap for the next eighteen years. This strategy is not only an urban expansion initiative; it’s a vision to develop an economic corridor that will bring employment and other business opportunities that would enhance many people’s lives.

The Yamuna Expressway’s Mega Urban Centre

This visionary project is centred on constructing a 10,500-hectare urban centre that will become the new industrial giant in this area. This region is approximately half the size of Noida city and lies on the Yamuna Expressway, making it a perfect location hub for manufacturing units as well as other businesses. This move comes given the expected growing demand for industrial land spurred by Jewar’s Noida International Airport, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2024.

The Development of Special Economic Zones

One of the striking aspects of Master Plan 2041 is that four SEZs are set aside for Special Economic Zones in different industrial fields. This includes the following:

  • Manufacturing of electric vehicles and accessories
  • Manufacturing of electronic products 
  • Manufacturing semiconductors and related products 
  • A data centre 

This specialisation approach should effectively attract investment and stimulate economic growth, positioning the Yamuna Expressway region as India’s most advanced industrial zone in Northern India.

According to YEIDA’s CEO, Arun Vir Singh, there will be significant spaces in the SEZs, and they will only permit non-polluting industries. This is mainly due to the fact that the zone is environmentally sensitive. 

The YEIDA board also approved an aviation hub on 1,050 hectares of land close to the upcoming Noida airport along the Yamuna Expressway. Soon, the authorities will hire consultants for a detailed project report. We can expect this hub to cater to industries manufacturing planes, spare parts, and engines. 

An Exhaustive Development Strategy

The endorsement of the Master Plan 2041 signifies a comprehensive approach to regional development. Besides the industrial development, the plan includes establishing a logistics park in Aligarh and a heritage town in Mathura. In addition, it seeks to serve an estimated population of 3.9 million people through the provision of living and necessary facilities that would provide workers with convenient accommodation close to their place of employment.

The plan makes efficient use of the available land, setting aside as follows:

  • 35% for green spaces
  • 17% for mixed-use development
  • 23% for industrial use
  • 5% for commercial use
  • 13% for utility and traffic services
  • 4% for an aviation hub
  • 3% for other urban centre uses

Institutional Allocations and Lease Deed Extension

In a major step towards helping the country’s institutions, the board has decided to give away plots of 10 acres or more for the following:

  • Colleges
  • Medical colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Technical institutes, etc.

Allocations will be based on interviews, thereby eliminating the e-auction process. This policy aims to make the land available to these institutional projects at a cheaper cost as the rising prices in e-auctions often discourage them.

Besides, the authority has given relaxation to about 42,000 plot allottees. This is done by relieving the allottees by extending the execution period of the lease deeds till June 30, 2024, without any penalty. The Addendum is highly useful to 2008-09 allottees for seamless movement into the project along with legal formalities.

Along with this, the YEIDA board accepted the recommendations of the real estate policy, which the government announced on December 21, 2023. This provides homebuyers in abandoned housing projects the opportunity to execute registries. According to officials, at least 14,000 homebuyers in YEIDA areas will profit from this.

The Yamuna Expressway region is at the dawn of a new era with the approval of Master Plan 2041. Through purposeful planning, well-defined special economic zone development, and commitment to a sustainable development path, YEIDA is laying a solid foundation for a better tomorrow.

More Transformations Ahead – ACE YXP in Yamuna Expressway 

ACE YXP is a future commercial project on the Yamuna Expressway and is under development by ACE Group, a well-known real estate giant from Noida. This project is anticipated to provide excellent connection and accessibility, making it the perfect nucleus for business and entertainment.

The project ACE YXP is situated on the Yamuna Expressway, which extends for about 165 km, and thus is located to take advantage of the economic boom that will emerge with the arrival of Noida International Airport at Jewar. It is a magnet for the tourists coming to and from the airport and the capital, which is the foundation of the consumer base of ACE YXP.

The architecture of the centre is influenced by the Art Deco movement, with a towering façade and an alluring design comprising themed gardens, urban promenades, stylish elevators, captivating art installations, a tranquil fountain, and lively social spaces.

ACE YXP, a most anticipated commercial project on Yamuna Expressway, houses a diverse spectrum of retail and entertainment outlets in its commercial spaces. The project has high-street retail shops, open-air restaurants, a food court, next-generation gaming zones, a premier multiplex, and a banquet hall. 

The project also has deluxe studio apartments, making the destination a complete commercial and lifestyle centre. The innovative design and modern features of the ACE YXP make it a desirable investment option as well as a highly sought-after destination by business and leisure enthusiasts. 

Are you planning to purchase a commercial shop for sale in ACE YXP? Contact ACE Group at 1800-11-9999 for all sales queries. 

To sum up, the Yamuna Expressway has become a leading destination for commercial and industrial activities, providing various incentives to businesses. The area has witnessed tremendous development in recent years, with the allocation of land for industrial and commercial use making it a good destination for investment.

What more future plans YEIDA has in store for this region will remain a hot topic. However, considering the ongoing and upcoming developments in the region, we can safely expect this region to become one of India’s prime locations and a key contributor to its commerce. 


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