4 points proving office productivity wins over the home indolence

4 points proving office productivity wins over the home indolence

A wise man once said “True character is revealed when pressure is applied.”It is quite evident how working from home can make your sloppiness win over the productivity when the environment is just not right. During the pandemic we were all forced to join hands with the host of work from home, previously explored by only a fraction of employees. While Work from home isn’t a complete claptrap, the productivity by working from a proper office environment is second to none, and that is why today we shall discuss 4 points of how office productivity wins over home indolence.

  1. The Brainstorming: Innovations, creations and solutions, these are the three pillars which will be the first ones to fall when you work from home. Not to mention improvisation as a loss, the small greet and meet on the coffee table or in the lifts, they give rise to not only warm human communication but also add to your ideas and your productivity, be it by improvisation or critique, and video conferences certainly won’t be able to fill this void. Save your brain from becoming a dormant artifact, give your wits and ideas a chance to make strides.office space in noida expressway
  2. Losing the personality: Pairing pajamas with a blazer doesn’t sound that bad but it’s certainly not meant for your whole work life. Dozens of people have lost their people skills because their social circles has shrank while they work from home, a regular office routine might make you go low on the corporate mannerism and casual attitude might take over your lingo and conduct. Feels more like a downgrade, doesn’t it? The cost of comfortable work from home can adversely affect your outlook towards life, beware!commercial office space in Noida
  3. The pit of finances: Swift, quality and economical work is what an organization yearns from its employees, the lack of latest IT equipments might dig a hole in your pockets and if you don’t spend money on them, the swift part of your employment is already vanished. A home office and costly equipments are not the end of it, the maintenance of the same will lead to more expenditure. The budget turmoil will snatch away all the comfort that you’ll get while working from home.  office space in Noida Sector 132
  4. Taking care of your mental health: Your office is not just an address; it’s a diverse community where even short meetings at the cafeteria with the exchange of ideas can carry out an exchange of ideas and general camaraderie, which instantly brings the sense of well being to you and your peers. The sudden loss of this daily interaction can be detrimental to mental health. The office community often becomes a strong support system and workers feel lost without the common work place. A few days of home office is no harm but long term work from home will violate your personal time and can be detrimental to your mental health.5

Closing comments – No doubt pandemic reminded us the importance of our homes but, now the world is getting back to normal and companies are also resuming operations from office for good. Ace – the choicest developer of the North has recently started fostering its commercial project Ace Capitol which offers premium office space in Noida Expressway. The project is right on Noida-Gr. Noida Expressway and has 2 towers with ample space for parking. Those looking to resume their office operations can consider this project for their new office space in Noida Sector 132.

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