5 Essential Points to Evaluate before Purchasing Your First Luxury Home

5 Essential Points to Evaluate before Purchasing Your First Luxury Home

With the advancement of luxury real estate segment in the country, elite housing projects have witnessed a lot of user interest especially in Noida and Greater Noida. With the increasing number of upper middle class with disposable income, luxurious living has now become a way of life. The luxury home segment is not limited only to metros and bigger cities but there are several luxury flagship projects available across the length and breadth of India.

A Luxury home comes with a series of modern amenities and features to make for a truly luxurious and fancy living. A luxury home is bound to leave you mesmerized and overwhelmed with the best of architecture, landscaping, finest finish, state-of-the-art amenities. Along with bringing in higher status in society and an opulent lifestyle, buying a luxury home also comes at a big cost. Demand for luxury housing in India is on the rise, especially in metros. It is also attracting high-net worth individuals, investors and a majority of aspirational urban population to invest in such homes and create a superior lifestyle for themselves and their families.

A luxury home should always be well-planned out, keeping in mind the finances required to own and maintain it, loan and interest rates, EMI payments, and a host of other things. It is only fitting to make sure you put in ample thought and inspect a home, as much as possible, before you make the final decision of buying the luxury home. Here are the 5 essential factors to consider before purchasing your first luxury home.

Location of the property: Location is one of the major point to keep in mind while purchasing your first luxury home. In most of the cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, and Pune, the market for luxury properties thrives in premium localities. A buyer should focus on the area in which the luxury property is located. Ace Parkway is among the best properties in Noida sector 150 with offers a luxury living standard. The location is a majestic of its own with ample greenery and open areas.


Connectivity: Connectivity is the second important factor while purchasing your first home. Connectivity decides the feasibility of the project. Well, Ace Parkway is located in Noida sector 150 that provides superb connectivity throughout Delhi NCR region. Noida expressway, Yamuna Expressway, FNG expressway are at mere distance from this sector.

Architectural flair and design: The fourth important factor is the design of the property and foundation. Look for a house with a strong and quality architecture foundation. Today architecture agenda embodies creativity, innovation, and vision of each client and offers custom luxury spaces. Many builders are collaborating with international architecture to offer high-end look and feel to the house.

High end amenities: With the advancement in technology, sky is the only limit when it comes to amenities. Right from top-notch security features to trendsetting kitchen cabinets, amenities can include anything and everything. Ace Parkway is among the best projects in Noida Expressway with all the modern and luxury amenities.

Check necessary licences and approvals: Afore finalizing the property deal, check for all the approvals and documents required. Important documents to check are title deed, release certificate (buying a property in resale), check encumbrance certificate (land free from legal issues), check the land use, approvals by local body and property tax receipts.

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