ACE Group has always strived to deliver the best to the real estate sector from its establishment in 2010 to this day. Being one of the best real estate builders in Noida, ACE has presented an innovative approach to real estate projects. ACE Group shapes the future of luxury residential and commercial spaces by setting unparalleled records.

It took ACE a very short time to reach the top, and with this rapid growth, ACE Group continues to set and achieve new targets. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the major achievements of ACE Group in 2022, again proving their real estate success.

ET Leadership Excellence Awards North 2022

The Chief Managing Director of ACE Group, Mr Ajay Chaudhary received the award for excellence in the field of Real Estate Development this year. Mr Chaudhary is one of the well-known names in the Indian real estate sector. His brilliant leadership has led ACE Group to achieve its targets and shine bright in such a small period of time.

Although real estate is a very demanding sector and considering the competition and its constantly upgrading standards, it’s very hard to keep up. But Mr Ajay Chaudhary’s unmatched vision and devotion have helped him achieve what seems impossible and that too, with utmost level of perfection. This year’s ET Leadership Excellence Award has once again manifested ACE Group’s success as the best real estate builders in Noida.



Eldrok Indian Architecture Award

ACE Group bagged the Eldrok Indian Architecture Award of this year for Outstanding Architecture in Residential Apartments. ACE group’s contemporary building designs are an emblem of innovation. The unrivalled architecture of these buildings gives a prospective to the future of building designs. 

ACE Group’s commercial and residential apartments in Noida give the shape of reality to luxury architectural notions. The Eldrok Indian Architecture Award is another addition to the line of ACE Group’s major achievements in the past few years.

Times Business Award 

This award is organised by The Times Group and it is an initiative to recognize the best and most brilliant leaders of the industry. ACE Group’s director, Mr. Pratap Singh Rathi, secured this year’s Times Business Award For Outstanding Contribution to the Indian Real Estate Sector. ACE Group’s unconditional dedication to bringing the best to Indian Real estate and its success in achieving it is a combined effort of the whole team. 

Mr Pratap Singh Rathi’s real estate talent and extraordinary work have earned him a legacy which cannot be replaced. He is a visionary director and with his leadership, ACE Group has yet again emerged as one of the best real estate builders in Noida. By winning this award on such a massive platform, Mr Pratap Singh Rathi has given a boost to ACE Group’s presence as a real estate icon.

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