Best Colour Themes For Your Home This Summer

Best Colour Themes For Your Home This Summer

Are you looking for the best colour themes for your home this summer? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with the top 5 summer colours for Indian houses. 

Summer calls for you to adopt vibrant and exciting colours and abandon dull and boring ones. Now you don’t need to renovate your entire place to bring the summer spirit to your home. 

All you have to do is make a few changes to the colours of your home interior to welcome the summer and beat the heat with cool shades. 

So, let’s start our discussion.  

1. Turquoise Blue

Here’s one of the best colours for summer that you can add to the interior of your home to enjoy the calmness of the ocean indoors. Turquoise blue depicts tranquillity and joy while evoking a peaceful feeling in people. Of course, it’s a cool colour, making it perfect for the summer when the temperatures are unbearably high. 

turquoise blue room

Turquoise blue also promotes a sense of creativity in homes, which is why many people prefer using it in rooms where they are likely to spend a lot of time, such as bedrooms, work spaces, living rooms, etc. It drives inspiration and motivation, along with conveying a relaxed vibe like no other colour. Turquoise blue looks best with a white colour combination. You can use it in contrast with white floors and furniture. 

2. Grey 

If you are tired of white colours, try painting your walls grey this summer. Grey happens to be a colour of lightness and makes rooms look modern and sleek. It also helps cool down the summer temperature and comes off as a mature yet attractive colour. When it comes to decorating a room with grey walls, using simple and subtle items will help achieve the best results. 

sitting room with grey walls and blue furniture

Grey is an exceedingly versatile colour that you can use in a wide range of styles. Many Indian houses often use a combination of grey and blue to create a soothing atmosphere. The idea is that grey indicates serenity and harmony, while blue inspires a sense of coolness. Together, these two colours make for exciting yet soothing interiors. 


3. Beige 

It’s time to transform your home’s interior from mediocre to luxurious by adding beige to it. That’s right; beige is a modern colour with a sophisticated appeal. It helps create a calm ambience in your home and delivers soothing vibes during the summer.

beige room

It is safe to say beige is one of the trendy summer colours for Indian houses because it’s elegant and playful at the same time. You have a lot of different options to redecorate your home’s interior using beige paint.  

4. Marigold 

Talking about playful colours, marigold is a good option if you want to add a sense of happiness and playfulness to your home interiors. For those who don’t know, marigold is a combination of yellow and orange. 

room with marigold colour walls and brown furniture

Marigold seems extremely positive and produces a shiny and beautiful aura in the summer heat. It goes well with white-coloured floors and beige or brown-coloured decor items. Marigold is also a unique colour you wouldn’t see in many Indian houses. 

5. Emerald Green 

Let’s move away from light colours this summer, and help you realise the potential of deeper and darker shades, like emerald green. This is a colour with a lot of potential to add calmness and coolness to your home. Green depicts nature and peace, allowing you to transform your interiors into a haven. 

room with emerald green walls furniture with gold accents

Plus, it’s a fresh colour that’s perfect to uplift everyone’s mood this summer. Golden and beige design elements often go well with emerald green, so you can use this combination while changing your home’s interior. Golden colour decorative items paired with emerald green walls undoubtedly give a touch of royalty to the entire place. While these are the best colour themes for your home this summer, you can always experiment with other shades and come up with a completely new design. Remember, summer colours should be refreshing, peaceful, cool, playful, modern, and unique.

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