5 Great Activities For Grandparents & Grandchildren

5 Great Activities For Grandparents & Grandchildren

Do you want to be an unforgettable grandparent? 

In that case, you have to make as many memories with your grandkids as possible. 

Here are the top 5 fun and exciting activities for grandparents and grandchildren. Rest assured that these activities will help you develop an awesome relationship with your grandkids that they will cherish forever. 

1. Play Games 

One of the oldest yet every grandchild’s favourite activities are playing games with their grandparents. Plus, now you have so many game options to choose from. 

You can play various video games with your grandchildren. There are also virtual video games available that indulge players more realistically, especially if it is related to sports, like cricket, futsal, bowling, etc. 

Moreover, you can also play board games with your grandchildren. Perhaps, it is a good time to teach them a board game you play expertly. Chess, Jenga, Monopoly, Scrabble, Catch Phrase, Yahtzee, and Pictionary are a few examples of board games you can play with your grandchildren. 

Of course, you may also play cards, like UNO or Go Fish, with your grandchildren. If your grandchild is unaware of certain games, you can teach them to play. 

2. Take Your Grandchildren To A Park 

If there’s one thing kids like the most, it’s going outside, so take them to a nice park in the neighbourhood. You may also look for other parks in your locality that offer a good and safe environment for the children to indulge in playful activities. 

You can also organise a picnic at the park with your grandchildren and play games with them while snacking on their favourite foods. 

Take lots of pictures at the park for memories, and have fun. Your grandchildren may also develop new friendships at the park that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

3. Teach Your Grandkids Something Fun To Do

Start with an activity, like painting, playing the guitar or piano, or cooking, that you are pretty good at and see if your grandkids show any interest in learning more. If yes, go ahead and teach them how to be the best at it. Otherwise, teach them something that they show interest in. 

You can also teach your grandchildren how to ride a bicycle, fish, knit, bake, etc. Better yet, teach them their favourite sport or take them to a professional if you are unable to do it yourself. They’ll forever cherish what you do for them. 


4. Plan A Movie Night 

It’s time to plan a movie night with your grandkids by finding films they like or that your children found exciting in their childhood. You can even make your grandchildren dress up as the characters in the movie you are watching. 

It adds to the fun, ultimately. Of course, you don’t have to do it for every movie night. 

You can get popcorn, snacks, and your grandkids’ favourite treats to eat during the movie because they will get hungry eventually. Keep an eye out for new releases you can watch with your grandkids. 

You can either plan a movie night at your place or take your grandchildren to the cinema. 

5. Have Your Grandkids Stay The Night 

Here’s another top-rated activity you can do with your grandkids since they always like staying at their grandparents’ home. You will get to spend more time with them this way. 

There are so many activities, like painting, watching a movie, cooking or baking, playing games, etc., that you can do when your grandkids are staying for the night. 

Let them help you with a chore, and teach them how to do something valuable they can remember for the rest of their lives. 

Don’t let them leave without breakfast in the morning. You can cook their favourite breakfast or take them to a cafe before dropping them off at their place. 

These are a few examples of activities you can do with your grandkids to have fun and spend memorable times with them. 

You can also ask them what they would like and follow their requests to automatically turn into a cool grandparent.

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