Top Things To Do in Noida

Top Things To Do in Noida

Noida is on its way to becoming one of India’s best cities, with modernised infrastructure and design. We hear about the launch and completion of several new projects in Noida every day. For residents and visitors alike, there are many things to do in Noida to satisfy all cravings. 

If you are visiting Noida soon, there are a few places you have to visit to experience the future and have fun with your friends and family. 

Let’s talk more about these places. 

1. Worlds of Wonder 

When it comes to amusement and water parks in Noida, Worlds of Wonder is at the top of the list, so make sure to visit it. 

In addition to this, you’ll find various souvenir shops at Worlds of Wonder, where you can shop for gifts and treats to take back home. It offers multiple exciting games for people to test their skills and expertise. 

Worlds of Wonder is a highly popular water park with nearly 20 rides and attractions ideal for people of all ages. Visiting a water park is undoubtedly fun, especially during the summer. Get your swimsuits in order to visit Worlds of Wonder and have the best time of your life. Rest assured that all rides are built according to international safety standards. 

Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat from the eateries serving amazing multi-cuisines at the park before exiting. You can also try go-karting at the biggest go-karting track in North India while you are at the Worlds of Wonder in Noida. 


2. Buddh International Circuit

Now that you have had your fun in the water, it’s time to visit the racing track. That’s right; Buddh International Circuit is a massive racing track for international and local races, where spectators can go to have a good time. 

It is located on Yamuna Expressway and the first Formula One race was hosted in 2011 when it was inaugurated. Needless to say, this track became a globally recognized arena for different types of racing events. 

In case you want to know, this place is named after the Buddha to symbolize peace. There is a plan to make this track a part of one of India’s biggest sports complexes, with a cricket arena, golf course, luxury hotel, and hockey stadium. 

You can also book your trip around the track during your visit. 

What’s more? Buddh International Circuit has a medical center to deal with health hazards promptly. The track has a restaurant, grandstands installed permanently, and high-speed internet, making it the ultimate way to kill boredom. 

3. FlyDining – Hanging Restaurant

Now let’s take things up a notch and help you learn about a place that offers the perfect combination of fine dining and adventure. FlyDining is an ideal restaurant for people who like to eat outdoors, but with a twist. 

A unique thing about this restaurant is that it is indeed a flying while dining experience you will remember for the rest of your life. A crane supports the structure for 22 diners and 4 staff members.

What they do is strap customers to their seats using sturdy belts, with chefs and waiters, in the middle of the table, and then the entire stage is lifted high into the sky 160 feet above the ground. 

Rest assured that FlyDining in Noida is a reputable restaurant that follows international safety standards to keep their respected customers safe from harm. 

So go on and enjoy your favourite meals in the sky and don’t forget to add in your things to do in Noida list. 

4. The Grand Venice Mall 

So far, you’ve been to the water park, seen the races, and experienced eating food at a height. How about you visit the Grand Venice Mall next?

The mall is located at the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway junction and the Trans Yamuna Expressway in the National Capital Region. The Grand Venice Mall offers you the perfect mix of fine dining, leisure, shopping, snacking, and entertainment activities in a single place. 

There is something fun to do at the mall for people of all ages. You have multiple dining options, a 5-screen multiplex, spas, experiential play areas for kids, a gaming zone, indoor golf, a snow park, art galleries, and a lot more. 

It also gives visitors a digital wayfinding system, access to ATM machines, complimentary WIFI, daycare facilities, concierge services, valet parking, first aid equipment, security, and wheelchairs for the elderly. Now isn’t that amazing?

What makes this mall different from others is that it follows a unique theme, mirroring the Italian city of Venice. You’ll notice the inspirations taken from the city throughout the mall’s design and infrastructure. There are two canals in which visitors can take gondola rides giving off the vibes of Venice and have a thrilling experience.

You can also see different replicas of Roman statues and Venetian buildings around the mall, further portraying the Italian theme. 


5. Atta Market 

Located in sector 18, Noida, Atta Market is the ultimate place providing a wide range of goods and services. Atta market is a highly popular place when it comes to shopping for utensils, clothes, musical instruments, home appliances, accessories, etc., at affordable prices. 

You can even grab a bite at one of the fast-food restaurants, like McDonald’s and KFC while visiting the market. Interestingly, Atta market turned into an urban community from a couple of village shops over time. You can go to Atta Market by bus, metro, or car. 

That brings us to the end of our trip to Noida. Make sure to visit the places we have discussed here since they are the epitome of Noida’s success as a hustling and bustling city catering to the specific needs and wants of the people. 

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