When shifting to a new home, most of us have a to-do list that includes infusing our new home with positive energy. We put a lot of effort into trying to get the ambience of the space just right. This could be from adding ornamental items to altering the colour palette. This is when Vastu Shastra is applicable. Today let’s find out a few vastu tips for home that are easy to implement.

Making improvements based on Vastu principles will help you in many ways. These include enhanced positive energy of your house, improved health, financial stability, and professional careers of the residents. Following the appropriate Vastu advice has beneficial and therapeutic impacts that may work wonders in both personal and business life.

Vastu Shastra concepts are now used in all modern houses to create the perfect mood. So, whether it’s a home developed under supervision or a ready-to-move-in property, you may still improve the Vastu of a home by following these guidelines:

Vastu Tips for Positive Energy at the Entrance Gate

Do not position any showpiece or ornamental item, such as a fountain or an artificial tree, directly in front of the entryway, since this may prevent positive energy from entering the residence.

A Buddha statue is thought to help ward away evil entities and negative energy. As a result, you can position a Buddha statue at the entryway to ward off any bad energy attempting to disrupt the peace of your house and family.

The entrance to the house should always be clean, since it is the entry point for the energy in the household. A tidy and well-decorated entryway can attract positive energy as well as prosperity.

Vastu Tips for Positive Energy in the Living Room

It is critical to get the proper feel in the living room. It’s also where we greet visitors initially, giving them a sense of your personality. Lighter colours, such as light pink, white, cream, beige, and flowery white, should be used in the living room. Each colour has its own set of advantages. For example, pale pink increases purity while white adds warmth. Similarly, cream, beige, and flowery white are connected with peace, perfection, and beauty.

Furthermore, you should not plant a cactus inside the living area since the plant is believed to produce a negative vibe that might adversely affect the health of the individuals who live there. If kept in the living room, the plant may cause apathy in the members’ interactions.


Vastu Tips for Positive Energy in the Bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra principles, the bed in a bedroom should be facing the south or west, since this promotes mental health and sleep quality. You should also strive to keep the bedding in pink or crimson to represent romance or desire.

Another Vastu guideline for the bedroom is to avoid having a mirror or television facing the bed. The reason behind this is that the reflection of a human in a mirror while sleeping may attract bad energy into the home and raise tensions among family members.

Vastu Tips for Creating Positive Energy in the Kitchen

The kitchen is where we make food, which is one of the primary sources of energy for humans. Needless to say, getting the Vastu of the kitchen correct is critical. To begin, a kitchen should be in bright colours such as yellow, pink, or brown to encourage the stimulation of the fire elements and the diffusion of pleasant sentiments throughout the home.

Another wonderful Vastu tip for your kitchen is to position gas burners, microwave ovens, and other equipment such that the person working in the kitchen faces east – the direction from which the sun’s good energy flows the most into the home.


Positive Energy For The Bathroom With Vastu 

The walls of a bathroom or toilet should be in light pastel colours. Pink, off-white, and light blue are ideal for ensuring that your day begins with bright colours and a happy setting.

Vastu Tips for a Pooja Room With Positive Energy 

According to Vastu Shastra principles, idols must not face each other and should be at a distance to ensure that there is a continual air flow and that the scent of incense sticks surrounds them.

In terms of the Pooja room’s colour palette, light colours like white, blue, and yellow, among others. These shades will calm and soothe the worshipping area, bringing positive energy into your abode.

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