Commercial leasing: A guide for enterprise

Commercial leasing: A guide for enterprise

India is on the verge of becoming a globally favourite commercial destination as multiple MNC’s are choosing to shift or open their operation centres in various cities of India. Particularly commercial projects in Delhi NCR are in high demand causing companies to take office spaces on lease. Having an office space in Noida evokes the luxury character of your business as the city is witnessing never before development and has been gifted several benefits by the government recently. Noticeably the inauguration of the new International airport at Jewar and the announcement of the upcoming film city on Yamuna Expressway. Here, we discuss some advantages of taking commercial spaces on lease.

Cash Flow

A lease is preferable in terms of cash flow. If you are very new to the business and your revenue stream is still growing, leasing is a good choice. This will help you keep your costs low while you’re still in the process of establishing your business. Leasing is a good option for start-ups that are yet to generate enough revenue as they have an operational cost advantage. Larger organizations that have well-developed infrastructures and are constantly generating revenue can also go for the same because it gives them a cost advantage. However, for start-ups, there can be a snag – their lease may not be renewed. One way to avoid this problem is to have a long-term lease of 4-5 years. This will allow you to develop and grow your business.

Maintenance of the Property

In many circumstances, the owner is responsible for the maintenance of the property. Leases are often a better solution for those who do not want to put in the maintenance time and energy and instead focus on their primary business. Maintenance costs are also cheaper in the event of a lease. The land owner will be responsible for making sure the building is well-maintained.

Retaining Flexibility

When it comes to your business, there are many factors to consider. For example, a business needs to be somewhere that is suitable to their needs and offers the right amount of space and facilities, depending on their category and requirements. You may wish to maintain flexibility and not be tied down to a particular place for an extended period. Leasing provides significantly greater mobility for a business.

Growth Potential in Future

A lot of people are considering leasing these days because they’re looking to save and spend less on their monthly utility payments. However, leasing deals can have high-growth potential and might be the better deal compared to other types of financing – especially as an investment option when you are starting or trying to expand your business shortly.

high-growth potential

Wrapping Up

The reasons provided above conclude that why it is beneficial to rent commercial spaces in Noida Expressway, and there are multiple advantages attached to renting commercial property: some are monetary and some are benefits for flexibility and comfort. To further appreciate the advantage of choosing a commercial space in Noida Expressway for rent, you should take into consideration these rental office spaces and what they have to offer the business owners! To further appreciate the financial ramifications of taking a commercial space on rent, there are some great options of commercial office space in Noida Expressway which you can check out.

The newest sensation on Noida Expressway is Ace Capitol – A Premium commercial project in sector 132 Noida offering Grade A office spaces on lease. The project offers 2 grand towers with multiple features like triple height entrance lobbies, high speed elevators, managed business units and more. Due to the reputation of the renowned Ace Group and the location of sector 132, Ace Capitol is a go for destination for any company which is looking for office spaces in Noida Expressway on lease.

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