If you’re a working woman or know any working woman who’s doing daily work from an office job, what are the challenges you see women facing? There are many commercial properties in Noida which have co-working spaces and corporate offices.

  • Talk to women working in those offices.
  • What bothers them the most at the workplace?
  • What are their complaints and feedback for the workplace? 

In this article, we are going to look into the challenges and solutions to those challenges which are troubling the working women. 

Let’s see:

Mental Health Challenges

Women, in general, face more mental health challenges than men – owing to the societal and physical issues they have on a daily basis. 

Particularly, women who have children have a tough time managing work and the maternal responsibilities. 

You must’ve experienced this yourself. Haven’t you?

According to a report, working women who have the responsibility of kids are likely to worry and be stressed twice as likely as their husbands. 

Some of the health issues that women tend to face are: Postpartum depression, Peri menopausal anxiety, and infertility. These could lead to severe mental health issues too. 

There are so many commercial office spaces in Noida. Please research about them. Are they doing enough to address these issues?

  • Burnout due to extra responsibility

       As we already saw, studies supporting the likelihood of women being stressed more than men, if they have children. 

Do a survey around all the commercial properties in Noida, where women are working. You’ll get the testimonials. They’ll tell you how they feel while working, after working. You’ll know it firsthand then.

In general, working women’s physical health, too, isn’t as supportive to them. A lot of Indian women face the lack of Iron and other necessary nutrients. So, tiredness and fatigue are common among them. 

These issues are not new. Are they?

  • The Gender bias and discrimination at workplace

        Some gender inequality issues such as unequal pay, harassment, subtle sexism tax their health without being noticed – Even in modern commercial office spaces in Noida. Nothing is left from such rotten elements of society.

If you’re a woman, you would definitely know.

Women face certain things that they can’t even express. As the consequence may be as extreme as their families not allowing them to further do the job. 

  • Taboo surrounding ‘women only’ health issues

       Women-related health issues trouble women a lot in the workplace. Lack of facilities such as proper washrooms, sanitary pads, etc makes them uncomfortable.

If you ask a woman, they would be much better off with necessary facilities for them, even if the job provides lower pay than the job with higher pay and no necessary facilities at the workplace. Society too isn’t still open much about issues faced by women like menopause, postpartum depression, or even the periods. 

An ideal workplace must address it to make the place better for women. 

What can workplaces provide:

  • Resources exclusive to women’s needs

Women require some of the facilities which men don’t. And that should be taken care of. Facilities like proper female washrooms, baby care, lactation rooms are some of the necessary requirements of women. 

Workplace should also avail the ergonomic furnitures, restrooms so women can work at optimum level without exhausting themselves. 

We hope commercial office spaces in Noida come forward to provide these for women. 

  • Supportive and inclusive environment for women

Although working women are not a rare sight in 2023, a good working environment for them is. 

There is a high time that workplaces become more inclusive. Women still feel ‘off’ at their workplaces. Why on earth is it still there in 2023? 

In an inclusive and supportive environment, that you and I dream for, they won’t be forced to feel like they are any inferior to their male counterparts. It will just be an easy and caring place to flourish as a professional. 

  • Resources for health and well-being

Apart from general medical facilities such as medicines and first-aid kits, there should be facilities that women require from time to time. 

The needs of women are different from those of men. According to a study, 39% of women get burnout at the workplace in comparison to 28% of men. This data suggests the need to bring a restful and healthy environment to women – Through necessary tools and facilities. 

Just a week back, someone told us that there are some office spaces for lease in sector 132 in Noida. We told them we hope at least the corporations occupying those offices accommodate the necessary facilities for women. 

  • Support system to handle stress and anxiety

The environment at any workplace becomes healthier if the communication is open. You need to build a working environment that serves the peace and calm among the workers. Women especially need it. 

Most of the women have to face opposition from their parents when they choose a career path. They are prone to be stressed more. 

Working women who are mothers too have this complaint of being stressed at work as they can’t get the necessary restful environment. 

The place where skilled and talented women are spending a third of their life toiling, it would be non-empathetic to not make it suitable for them. 

To design it suitable and better for women, you need to have an empathetic view about their problems. And to have an empathetic view, you first need to know about what they’re facing – whether it’s in some tier-3 city or some office space in Noida

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