Green Commercial Property in Noida: Echoing the Republic’s Call for Sustainability

Green Commercial Property in Noida: Echoing the Republic’s Call for Sustainability

The current city of Noida presents a vivid picture of modernization and progress. This well-structured and strategically located city has rapidly emerged as one of the real estate hotspots of the National Capital Region (NCR). But wait, it’s “more than meets the eye” when it comes to construction and expansion in the Noida real estate sector. The nation’s call for sustainability echoes through the city skyline. And, in this blog, we will be explicitly treading through the topic of green commercial property in Noida and how this city has embraced this practice. 

We will primarily focus on green building practices and how Noida is adapting to eco-friendly initiatives, especially in the real estate sector. 

When discussing sustainable commercial property in Noida, two stalwart projects are bound to be mentioned, they are ACE 153 and ACE Capitol. These projects embody a commitment to sustainability and reverberate the values that we as a nation must pledge to instill on this Republic Day. 

The Journey Towards Sustainability

Noida’s road to sustainability has not been quite straightforward. Being a part of the NCR, this is a city that has faced plenty of urban challenges, such as traffic congestion and pollution. Fortunately, over the years, this vibrant city did not take a toll and succumb to these challenges; it instead overcame them and strode towards sustainability. 

One of the primary factors that contributed to this transformation is the real estate sector. With the budding demand for commercial office spaces and the inrush of businesses, real estate builders in Noida have responded by integrating green building practices and beneficial eco-friendly initiatives.

Pro-Environment Green Building Practices 

So, what exactly is a green building? Why is this practice at the heart of any sustainable real estate development project

A green building or eco-friendly building is designed, developed, and operated to minimise environmental impact and promote the well-being and productivity of its occupants or residents. Their operations revolve around practices that benefit the environment as well as the occupants. 

These environment-friendly practices aim to reduce the impact of concrete structures while elevating the welfare of occupants. Commercial projects like ACE 153 in Sector 153 Noida, which is currently under-development and ACE Capitol, which offers office space in Noida Sector 132, represent these practices. 

Both of these mega-projects are IGBC Gold certified, further establishing their dedication and commitment towards embedding sustainability into the community. 

Factors Behind Sustainable Design

Energy Efficiency: Natural lighting and ventilation are maximised and prioritised at ACE Capitol. Sustainable buildings are meticulously designed so that artificial lighting and air conditioning, which contribute to high energy consumption, are cut down, promoting a more productive and healthier workspace. 

These projects additionally use energy-efficient lighting systems, appliances, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems to curtail energy consumption. At this office space in Noida, eco-friendly fire-fighting and refrigeration systems are also adapted to minimise negative impacts on the ozone layer. 

Water Conservation: One of the most precious resources is water, and green buildings incorporate various features to conserve, reduce consumption, and promote responsible usage. Some of these features include rainwater harvesting systems, water-efficient fixtures, and wastewater treatment plants. At ACE Capitol, retention of 100% of stormwater runoff is also possible at 12.5% one-day rainfall. 

Sustainable Materials: Most of the construction materials used in ACE Capitol are locally resourced and have recycled content. Some of these materials include: AAC blocks, PPC, steel, vitrified tiles, and glass. Besides these, all the wooden doors in the project are made of rapidly renewed wood. Such measures can aid in reducing the carbon footprint generated during transportation and waste. More than 95% of ACE Capitol’s waste materials get handed over to recycling agencies. 

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Other than the above mentioned green building practices, there are a few more noteworthy eco-friendly initiatives that could transform and strengthen the nation’s drive for sustainability. 

Green Spaces: In a world of concrete dominance, reserving space for green spaces in any construction project is highly valued. A commercial property in Noida, like ACE Capitol, not only offers lavish office spaces but also green spaces with lush trees that cover more than 15% of the landscaped land along with natural topography. The project also includes pavers with grass covers, shaded trees, and non-roof areas to enjoy the natural ambience. 

Such initiatives add to the aesthetic appeal of the project while offering a pleasant work environment and a breath of fresh air amidst the urban chaos.

Electric Vehicle Charging: To promote the use of electric vehicles that are non-fossil fuel vehicles, electric charging stations are available at ACE Capitol. Such usage could help reduce air pollution and develop a lower dependency on fossil fuels. 

Waste Management: Green buildings like Capitol, with an on-site waste treatment system, manage the comprehensive organic waste generated from daily operations. 

Republic Day and Sustainability 

Indian Republic Day is a celebration of unity, values, and progression. As we plan to celebrate the 75th Republic Day, it is time we reflect on our obligations as a nation towards our environment. ACE Capitol and the new project in Noida sector 153 – ACE 153 are prime examples of how the real estate sector could make significant changes to the environment and develop a green-friendly community. 

If you are a business owner or an investor, start making a difference from this Republic Day onward. Choose your workspace or invest in a green building where eco-friendly measures are taken at every step, from development to operations. Projects like ACE 153 and ACE Capitol, which offer luxury office spaces in Noida, are a step towards innovation and inspiration for sustainable working environments. 

As ACE Group strives to bring the best of all worlds, stay connected to this space for the latest updates on our upcoming projects that are pinnacles of luxury, comfort, and elegance. 

For more information on our sustainable commercial office space in Noida, contact ACE Group today. 


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