Club Martini at ACE 153 – Blending Business & Leisure

Club Martini at ACE 153 – Blending Business & Leisure

ACE Group, a renowned real estate developer in Noida, is making waves in the commercial sector with its innovative project – ACE 153. Nestled in the strategically positioned sector 153 Noida, ACE 153 is a commercial marvel that seamlessly blends upscale retail and desirable office spaces. This groundbreaking initiative is a beacon of growth, carving out a new standard in the realm of commercial real estate.

The project showcases two distinct towers, each offering 20 and 21 floors above ground level. These striking structures, designed to mimic the wings of an aircraft, are destined to become a landmark in commercial property in sector 153 Noida. 

ACE 153 presents a premium retail experience on the first two levels above ground, welcoming businesses and consumers to a sophisticated commercial environment. Spanning over 20,000 Sq.Mts., this commercial project is crafted with acute attention to detail, fostering a vibrant and engaging environment where businesses can thrive.

Complementing the allure of ACE 153 is Club Martini, an exclusive sanctuary for members, sprawling over 20,000 sq ft. Much like the classic cocktail, Club Martini is a blend of elements symbolizing health, intellectual growth, and entertainment. It provides a refuge where members can effortlessly shift between work and leisure, all within a contemporary and dynamic setting.

Exploring The Exclusive Club Martini at ACE 153

The ethos of ACE 153’s Club Martini is centred around the idea of work-life balance. The club boasts a cutting-edge gymnasium, Yoga studio, and Pilates classes, embodying the olive in the Martini cocktail, a symbol of health and wellness. Members can partake in stimulating workouts to boost their physical and mental health, followed by a relaxing session in the serene spa area.

Noida’s upcoming club encourages intellectual growth and personal development with a range of workshops, seminars, and guest lectures. Members can delve into new concepts and viewpoints, fostering lifelong learning and career advancement. The vermouth in the Martini cocktail represents this intellectual depth and complexity.


Recreation and social interaction form the core of Martini’s offerings. The club features indoor games, a lounge area, and a bar with an extensive beverage menu. Members can indulge in friendly games, mingle with peers, and relax in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Vibrant social events and live performances provide opportunities for networking and creating unforgettable memories.

Recognizing the value of community, Martini offers exclusive private lounges for intimate conversations or collaborative work. These spaces ensure privacy and comfort, fostering a sense of unity within the club. This club at ACE 153 also provides a dedicated concierge service, assisting with personalised bookings and recommendations, ensuring a seamless experience tailored to members’ preferences.

Club Martini is more than just a leisure and networking space; it’s a hub for personal growth, intellectual enrichment, and social engagement. Members can participate in inspiring events and enriching experiences such as wine tastings and engaging book readings.

ACE 153 and Club Martini are redefining the standards for corporate clubs in ACE’s commercial developments. With unparalleled facilities, personalized services, and a focus on work-life balance, ACE 153 and Martini offer members an unmatched experience, blending work and leisure seamlessly. 

This project is a testament to ACE’s dedication to creating exceptional office spaces in Noida and is IGBC – Gold Certified, reflecting a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Eager to discover more about the promising commercial project in Sector 153 Noida? Connect with ACE Group and pave the way for your business’s expansion.


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