How To Check Haryana RERA Registered Projects?

How To Check Haryana RERA Registered Projects?

Haryana RERA is the real estate regulatory authority of Panchkula and Gurugram. The HARERA was developed in 2017 to ensure seamless and ethical real estate transactions. It is safe to say that HARERA proves crucial in protecting the interests of buyers and sellers of commercial and residential properties. 

Buyers of Haryana real estate are advised to only purchase properties registered with the Haryana RERA for multiple reasons. The following are some of these reasons.

  • Buyers of HARERA properties get timely quarterly updates from the builders.
  • Buyers can easily file complaints against the builders, expecting a timely response and solution.
  • Buyers of HARERA compliant properties are fairly compensated if projects are delayed. The regulatory authority of HARERA Panchkula and HARERA Gurugram sees to it. 

All disputes concerning HARERA properties are resolved timely and fairly, ultimately benefiting the party that was wronged. Needless to say, it saves everyone involved in a real estate transaction from the troubles caused by unethical practices. 

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Steps For Checking Haryana RERA Registered Projects 

So far, we have established that HARERA is a governing entity for monitoring the real estate sector. Plus, we discussed how buying HARERA-registered properties is more beneficial for buyers. 

But how can buyers check if a property is registered or not? Below are 3 simple and easy-to-follow steps for checking Haryana RERA registered projects; 

  1. First, go to www.haryana You will see two tabs named HARERA Gurugram and HARERA Panchkula. Select the one that suits your requirements. 
  1. Upon clicking one of the two tabs, a window containing different options, such as check payment status, projects, proceed to payment, etc., will appear. Select ‘Projects’ since you want to find out if a property is registered or not.
  1. After clicking ‘Projects,’ a new window with options, including search projects, registered projects, project status, and more, will appear. Select ‘Registered Projects,’ and a complete list of registered projects under the HARERA of your choice will appear. You can look for the specific property accordingly.


You can select ‘Search Projects,’ which will give you two options: Advanced Search and Basic Search

The latter allows you to look for a property according to a district, while the former gives you additional search options, including Builder Name and Builder district. 

Enter the builder’s name and district, click the search button, and the entire list of registered projects for the concerned builder will open.  

Apart from finding out if a property is registered with HARERA, buyers can also access other services provided by RERA Haryana through the website. In the event that a buyer uses the services of a real estate agent to buy a property, they can verify the agent’s credentials via the HARERA website to avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent activities. There is an entire list of verified and registered agents on the website that buyers can view at any time. 

Safeguard Your Spending 

People spend all their lives accumulating the investments needed to buy property. RERA keeps buyers from getting blindsided by builders and sellers. Most importantly, it allows buyers to ensure that they are spending their hard-earned money in a way that’s going to prove beneficial in the future instead of coming back to haunt them.

Make sure to always check if a property is registered with RERA to safeguard your spending and avoid getting into a transaction with the wrong people.  

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