Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Buying a House

Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Buying a House

Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Buying a HouseAll our lives we work hard to buy our own dream house where we wake up in the comfort of our personal space. We wait for the right time and right amount of money to plan that perfect home. But is it really that easy to buy a house?  There are certain things we must check and analyze before investing the hard earned money on a property we always dreamt off.

1. Is the project RERA compliant? – With the implementation of RERA, timely delivery can be ensured by preventing the builder from channelizing funds to other projects. Although, it is compulsory for all the projects to be RERA compliant but we still need to check this before investing.

2. Size of the Apartment – Builders generally mention the super area of the apartment which includes common areas such as staircase, lobby etc. But the carpet area of the home can turn out to be approximately 30% less than the super area. For example, if someone says that the super area of the flat is 1000 sq. ft then that includes the lobby area, staircase etc and the actual carpet area can turn out to be just 700 sq. ft.

3. Hidden Cost – While signing any kind of document or contract, one must keep their eyes open for any kind of hidden costs. Legally, the total cost of the house should be calculated by including the stamp duty as well as the registration charges.

4. Check on the Property- One must make sure that the agreement of sale is drafted as per the State’s Municipal Corporation and should have a title certificate, municipal corporation’s approvals and no objection certificate given by any authority.

5. Are Freebies Actually FREE? – Many builders claim to give you free woodwork, free maintenance charges, free parking and much more. Just double check if there is a loophole in the whole deal because it is to better to be aware than regret later.

6. Connectivity – How connected the place is to the other major parts of the city should be one thing that should be in one’s mind before buying that perfect home. The project might offer amazing amenities, low price and other things within the project, but one needs to step out of the house too. Is it really safe and easy to connect to the other parts o the area or not?

7. Security – Try and find out the latest details about the security of the area you are planning to invest in. If there are cases of regular thefts or other crimes, then beware.

We are well aware about your needs and this is why, all our projects are RERA compliant, centrally located and easily connected to the major parts of NCR. One need not worry before investing in the projects made by Ace Group.

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