Celebrating the Spirit of Navratri Differently Amid Covid-19

Celebrating the Spirit of Navratri Differently Amid Covid-19

In India, there are many auspicious religious festivals, and Navratri is one of the most auspicious celebrated festivals across the states in India. ‘Navratri’ meaning ‘nine auspicious nights’, is an auspicious festival which is celebrated to honor Goddess Durga, Saraswati, and Lakshmi. People fast, perform spiritual rituals, and pray with great devotion during these nine auspicious days.

Navratri, 2020 has almost arrived and is knocking on your doorstep to celebrate with high enthusiasm, devotion, and energy but this time the celebration will be a lot different because of the novel Covid-19 or Corona Virus. The virus is the biggest barrier and will have a huge impact on how we celebrate with our friends and families. Although there will be restrictions, social distancing norms, and not much gathering, the good news is that we still can celebrate the nine nights of Navratri at home with full energy and enthusiasm. Here are some of the ideas to spice up the celebration at home while staying safe from covid-19.

Navratri 2020

  • Keeping the house clean.
  • Using flower garlands, Scented candles, and wreaths for decorating the home and deity room.
  • Making colorful rangolis or Alpana outside the house.
  • Decorating home with lighting diyas inside the pooja room and all over the house to make it brighter naturally.
  • Singing on Bhajans or performing aarti only with the closest family members and friends.
  • Celebrating the essence of Navratri with the unprivileged people by feeding them and giving them essentials.
  • Wearing bright and vibrant color clothes.
  • Inviting only the closest family and friends at home and celebrating with them and avoiding crowded events like Garba nights, Durga puja gathering, Dussehra nights, etc.

Navratri brings life and joy, so decorate your apartment, invite friends, spread love and happiness, and enjoy all the nine days of the festival while staying safe from Covid-19. ACE is among the top builders in Noida which is offering the best flats in Noida Extension.

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