Newly Launched E-Rent System In Noida

Newly Launched E-Rent System In Noida

The government of Uttar Pradesh has taken one step towards the digital world. The UP government has achieved this by introducing an e-rent system in Noida, to manage rent agreements online.

In this way, tenants will be able to get registered easily in just a few minutes draw lease deeds. Following the registration process, tenants can log on to the portal to register rental agreements. This portal can save the inconvenience of sub-registrar office visits for lease contact registrations.

Furthermore, this new system can benefit tenants and landlords in many ways. It includes rental agreements for shops and houses in the district. You may find further related information on


The manual process behind the e-rent system includes the following:

  • Writer who will prepare the written documents/agreement involving essential rental components pertaining to the deal. 
  • This document is printed with the stamp paper for its originality. The tenant and the landlord must sign this document as well. 
  • The tenant and any 2 legal witnesses would have to agree and sign the document. According to a State government spokesperson, a tenant must log in to a portal of agreement by adding their details including contact number.
  • The registered copies will be made online. The e-rent system for legal registrations will have a dedicated portal.


Following are some important documentations you will need for e-rent agreement registration.

  • Original copy of the ownership proof of your property
  • Your passport size photograph
  • Aadhaar card
  • Your Passport, driving licence or voter ID card.

Once the facility becomes operational, users will be able to visit the “e-rent agreement” portal. They can login with their names and phone numbers to avail of the facility to register rent agreements online.

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