How To Decorate Your Ready-to-Move-in Noida Expressway Flats

How To Decorate Your Ready-to-Move-in Noida Expressway Flats

According to current trends, Noida Expressway flats offer an exquisite and stellar lifestyle in the heart of Noida City, offering its residents a life beyond luxury and comfort. ACE Starlit is a paragon of luxury and a stellar residential property in Noida Sector 152, offering its dwellers premium magnificence. This blog discusses five creative and contemporary decoration ideas for your ready-to-move Noida Expressway flats. 

5 Incredible Tips And Tricks To Decorate Your 2BHK Flat In Noida

Let’s dive into some captivating decoration spells to turn your space into a one-of-a-kind abode.

Bedroom Décor Ideas

To transform your bedroom into a restful space, implement some of these tips. Besides the fact that bedrooms should appear warm, comfortable, and relaxing, you can try to mix and match different concepts according to your preferences, like:

  • Adding a statement piece of artwork, like a sculpture or a painting 
  • A dressing area separated with hanging light fixtures
  • A sleek and stylish couch to watch your favourite movies
  • Incorporate a rug to add texture and warmth 

The use of picture frames of your choice, decorative pieces, and a small chandelier would complement the look of your bedroom. Usually, bedrooms use dim lights to redirect your mind towards the world of dreams. However, if there’s an office space or work desk in your bedroom, you should use hanging lights or bright lamps on your table. A stylish rotating chair will complete the look!

Kids’ Room Décor

The family-friendly residential property in Noida – ACE Starlit offers 2BHK and 3BHK flats for your entire family to enjoy a superior living experience. Your kids would love some creative and playful additions to their room to reflect their liveliness and cheerfulness. 

The nap time in a warm and snug room will be irresistible for your kids. Instead of having an alphabet carpet, add some texture to the room with a cushioned rug, bean bags, and fluffy throw pillows.

Show your kids the value of losing themselves in a good book by designing a little corner where they can read in their playroom or bedroom. You can have a custom built-in bookshelf to make a good spot to curl up and read.

We are all familiar with the fact that where children go, mess comes along. Reduce your worries with the option of using a wipeable modern emulsion finish to free you from the trouble of discovering art on the walls.

It could be a desk tucked into a corner of the bedroom or a whole room dedicated to studying, but a dedicated place to study is a must. You can include features such as custom pendants that offer adequate lighting over an elongated desk that can fit two or more children if you have multiple little ones.

Kitchen Décor

Transform old and unmatched plates into distinct wall art. Visit clearance stores or thrift stores to find sets of plates that have something in common. For instance, you may use plates with different red patterns, which unify and visually connect them with a nearby decor item or piece of furniture in red.

At times, a simple kitchen makeover can be achieved by painting the walls. Display your art the way you would in a living room or bedroom. Look for some vintage food or grocer signs to have a collected-over-time look, or use a pretty painting for something more elegant.

A streak of contrast can revive the simplest kitchen. Look for ideas to add a dynamic colour duo to your kitchen for an easy kitchen update. For example, imagine cobalt blue stools aligned with a flame-orange island. The ensemble could turn into a major attraction right in the middle of a white kitchen.

Living Room 

ACE Starlit is an opulent Noida Expressway property with spacious rooms for the family. One of the easiest ways to refine a room is to add leafy greens: potted succulents on tables, shelves decorated with hanging ivies, small trees in sunny corners, or flower blooms in hanging baskets.

If you are a nature lover, embrace nature indoors by incorporating a colour palette and accent pieces that reflect the organic theme. Natural fibre rugs, wooden tables, and wooden beams on the ceiling can create an inside-out look in your living room.

When deciding on furniture for your living room, start with the larger items and work your way down. Once you have your core pieces in place (sofa, coffee table, accent chairs, side table, and media console), you can start adding decorators. This will ensure a homogenous style in your space. 

Balcony Décor

Your magnificent 2 BHK flat in Noida Sector 152 presents you with neither one nor two but three breathtaking cityscape balconies. These alluring spaces require extra care while brainstorming decor ideas. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! You can use a bean bag, a set of tables and chairs, or the best option, a hanging swing – be it a traditional swing seat or a fancy woven swing. If you take it from me, swings are the perfect spots to enjoy your evening tea or coffee while enjoying the view. 

Small hanging pots with indoor plants require minimal care and time but prove to be the best for your balcony spaces. To enrich the look, you can use mirror settings or decorative pieces on the background wall. Small shelves with decorative pieces give a personal touch to your space. A faux grass rug could add a touch of greenery and convert your balcony into a green haven. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

Decorating your home is a great way to personalise it, especially when you purchase your iconic residential property in Noida Sector 152. In this blog, we have discussed numerous ideas to decorate your sought-after home and turn it into an exquisite and homely space. 

If you are in search of residential property in Noida Sector 152, contact ACE Group for more details on their luxury residential project, ACE Starlit, and make your dream home a reality. 


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