Noida: North India’s Investment Hub You Can’t Ignore

Noida: North India’s Investment Hub You Can’t Ignore

Closely located to Delhi and covering 20,316 hectares, Noida remains as one of India’s most popular investment markets. Not only for large investors and corporates, Noida adds value to retail investors, HNIs, and small company owners as well. 

Once considered New Delhi’s industrial suburb, Noida and its neighbouring expansion, as well as Greater Noida, have gradually become an investment hub. 

From 2016 to 2021, Noida received INR 64,000 crore in funding, which resulted in the creation of approximately 4,50,000 employment opportunities. With Noida residents having a greater per capita income compared to their Delhi counterparts, it is one of the most affluent areas in Uttar Pradesh. The metropolis has a populace of slightly less than a million people.

A Haven For Investors  

Real estate in Noida has remained an investor’s favourite since its rise in the 1990s. Investors from various North Indian regions, including Agra, Lucknow, Kanpur, etc., have shown much interest in Noida’s real estate sector. 

After 30 years, Noida remains an investor-friendly market with great prospects in retail, housing, and industrial real estate. Following the epidemic, markets have reopened, and real estate is on the rise. As the markets recover, Noida is at the vanguard, with robust demand and supply, new product pipelines, soaring end-user trust, and an increase in investment interest. 

Aside from domestic and business properties, investors are considering purchasing high street, farmhouses, vacation homes, store spaces, hotel ventures, and industrial real estate. As Noida gains traction, investors will continue to shift their focus to the Noida and Yamuna Expressway sectors.


A Shopping Utopia

Noida and its surrounding areas are changing into retail hotspots, fueled by the young population, a robust employment market, and an overall increase in the liveability index. 

There are numerous famous malls, high streets, retail complexes, multiplexes, eateries, pubs, and nightclubs in the area. The world’s biggest furniture retailer, IKEA is spending nearly INR 5,500 crores in Noida over a 7-year span, which will include separate blocks for retail, hospitality, and corporate spaces.

Many renowned international brands catering to footwear, personal care, and lifestyle are also expanding to Noida. Easy connectivity from Noida to other cities in western Uttar Pradesh has also contributed to Noida’s popularity as a retail destination. 

A Rising Job Market

Noida’s fundamental strength is its thriving employment market. Noida’s employment market is not only strong but also diverse. Tech giants such as TCS, Google, Microsoft, Sapient, Accenture, etc., as well as many research firms, are also present in this city. 

The state government of Uttar Pradesh has also made significant investments and engaged in strategic marketing to convert Noida into a thriving manufacturing hub. Noida has already established itself as one of India’s most important smartphone contract production centres. 

Furthermore, the state government is also investing and has plans for the development of other dedicated business hubs, such as:

  • Electronic park
  • Medical device park 
  • Textile business park
  • Handicraft park, etc.

Noida is also emerging as an important data centre location in India. Companies both local and foreign have recently pledged more than INR 7,000 crore to build data centres in the city.

Jewar Airport Is a Game Changer

The Noida International Airport (NIA), also known as Jewar Airport, is located on the Yamuna Expressway. This is a paradigm changer for the Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway areas. The total expense of the project is close to INR 34,000 crore, and when finished, it will be India’s largest airport. The airport’s first section will be finished in 2024 and will begin managing 12 million passengers per year.

Railway Connectivity Proposals

With development at its zenith in these areas, the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) and Greater Noida are rising as the biggest income producers for the Uttar Pradesh government.

Given the area’s emerging development, substantial inflows of investment, and a fully outfitted upcoming airport for air connectivity, the officials have a plan to improve train connectivity for both goods and passenger logistics.

To address the district’s train connectivity challenges, the government intends to renovate Greater Noida’s Boraki railway station and establish a Multi-Modal Transport Hub (MMTH). The new structure will also include a metro stop and a bus terminal that will be integrated with the train system.

Furthermore, a travellers’ skywalk will link the expanded Boraki railway station, metro station, and bus platform to provide commuters with greater ease between transport options.

Considering the ongoing major development projects as well as the plans on the horizon, Noida sure has come a long way, and its journey won’t be ending anytime soon. So be a part of this progressive city and make the most of the investment opportunities it offers. 
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