Noida Sector 150 – International Cricket Stadium

Noida Sector 150 – International Cricket Stadium

International cricket matches, including IPL events, are expected to be played in Noida soon since the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA) has approved the plan to develop a state-of-the-art stadium as per the Sports City Project near the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. Every sector in Noida is equally unique, and Sector 150 has been chosen to build a new cricket stadium, which will be completed in 3 years. The stadium will offer multiple sports facilities, ultimately boosting growth in the region. 

Interesting Facts About The Cricket Stadium In Noida Sector 150

What’s interesting to note here is that the proposal to build a cricket stadium in Noida has been approved with clear instructions to ensure that the new facility follows the norms of international cricket control board specifications.  

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Let’s dive deeper into the details of the cricket stadium in Noida Sector 150 which will soon be full of cricket fans and cricketers.

  • Sources suggest the new cricket stadium will be designed for 35,000 spectators.
  • Plus, the minimum playing area is expected to be 150 yards or 137.6 metres from boundary to boundary square of the pitch.
  • Moreover, there will be a five-yard gap between the advertising board or surrounding fence and the rope.
  • Most importantly, the straight boundary from both ends of the pitch will be 64 metres or 70 yards minimum.
  • The developers plan to offer the largest playing area to the players, ensuring that every boundary is no more than 82.9 metres or 90 yards from the center of the pitch.
  • The approved proposal also stated that the cricket stadium being built in Noida should have a total of nine cricket pitches at the centre. 

The project to develop a cricket stadium in Noida Sector 150 will be a private endeavour, unlike the cricket stadiums proposed in Varanasi and Ghaziabad.

Construction of the project will start as soon as the revised layout plan submitted to the authorities is approved. Official reports also suggest a search for the right player to help with the development of the cricket stadium in Noida Sector 150 is underway. 

UPCA Chief Executive Officer Ankit Chatterjee claimed that the new cricket stadium in Sector 150 Noida would be the fifth largest sports facility in the state if it is developed according to the right specifications and guidelines. 

It is safe to say that prices of commercial and residential properties in Noida Sector 150 and other sectors will soon rise as the cricket stadium, Jewar International Airport, and other state-of-the-art projects are near completion. 

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