ACE’s Cutting-Edge New Project in Noida Sector 153

ACE’s Cutting-Edge New Project in Noida Sector 153

Commercial property investment is a profitable avenue that results in robust returns as well as increased passive income. India stands out as an attractive investment destination for commercial projects due to its rapid growth and expansion in the real estate landscape. In particular, properties in locations like Noida Sector 153 guarantee spectacular returns. It is interesting to note that this sector stands as a major area of investment opportunities, both locally and internationally. This region has witnessed the launch of several prestigious projects by prominent developers, including ACE Group.

Luxurious Commercial Property In Sector 153 Noida

ACE 153 offers lavish office spaces with opulent interiors and grand entrances that would cast a spell of mesmerisation. Its exemplary spaces and desirable location can nourish brands with commercial growth. The ACE 153 project offers two towers with 20 and 21+ floors, respectively. There are exceptional lobbies, rendering an exquisite entrance for the towers.

Built on over 20,000 square metres, the spacious offices provide a comfortable and productive work environment. The sector is home to many significant brands, offering the scope for a flourishing area. With its unique framework and luxurious amenities, ACE 153 has become one of the most sought-after commercial projects in sector 153 Noida.

As you ascend, the panoramic vista of the verdant golf course becomes increasingly breathtaking. The planning of this scenic splendour underscores ACE’s stature as one of the best real estate developers in Noida. Surrounded by pristine water bodies, ACE 153 presents an enchanting view that invariably mesmerises its visitors. The glass curtain walls provide a touch of sophistication or elegance to the surrounding space. Each visit brings forth a timeless beauty that never fails to captivate and astonish.

Retail Spaces

ACE 153’s retail space is surrounded by 150 acres of group housing and plotted development. The space functions exceptionally well, catering to the retail needs of the offices. The alluring glass facade further enhances the project’s stunning exterior.

The YXP – Yamuna Expressway and the Jewar airport’s development have led to an influx of people interested in residential properties in the nearby area. These residents can also be considered potential customers, generating revenue for businesses in the retail space. 

Ideal Location At Noida Sector 153

The project is in close proximity to Jewar Airport, which is expected to bring more footfall to the area. It’s a splendid project for business owners as the airport will soon start operating, and the demand for goods and services for tourists will witness a rise. 

ACE 153 has a high demand value as it is located in the first commercial sector in Noida when travelling from the Jewar airport. Another vital point is that its location is strategic and offers easy connectivity from Noida Sector 148 metro station. The station is located at a short distance, which makes it ideal for employees to reach the area and makes it easier for consumers to visit the retail space. 

This commercial project has all the amenities a business would need, from electricity supply to innovative technology support. Moreover, these major corporations are nearby, adding more commercial value to the region: 

  • Tata Consultancy Services 
  • Paytm 
  • Kent 
  • Wipro

ACE 153 is being developed on one of the largest IT/ITES plots (5 acres) in a huge institutional sector (150 acres). The vibrant environment and notable central water feature leave visitors in awe. 

Club Martini: Enjoy The Leisure

It is an exclusive members-only club spread over 1800 square feet, reconceptualizing the business world in ACE’s commercial developments. Martini stresses the significance of keeping a balance between personal and professional lives. 

It offers top-notch amenities, including a contemporary gym, a yoga studio, and Pilates courses representing the wholesome and energising olive in its namesake cocktail. Members may prioritise their physical and mental health by engaging in these activities. They can also unwind and rejuvenate in the serene spa area.  

The club’s primary goal is to offer exclusive private lounges where members can engage in a tranquil atmosphere. In addition, lounges foster seamless team-based work, promoting a conducive atmosphere for effective work.

Martini also provides indoor games, making leisure and socialising its essential components. The exquisite bar in the club offers a vast range of beverages to be explored. The club is a pathway to promote friendly competition and connection with like-minded people.   

Martini encourages intellectual expansion and personal advancement by hosting various workshops, seminars, and guest lectures. As members engage with new perspectives and ideas, they promote a culture of lifelong learning and professional development. 

Dedicated concierge services are offered at Martini, with recommendations and personalised books. Members are privileged to enjoy seamless experiences customised to their preferences, so they can enjoy them to the fullest. Just like the iconic cocktail, Martini provides a space that blends pleasure, wellness, and mental engagement. 

This advanced and fun environment offers a haven where members can effortlessly transition between work and play. Inspiring events and enriching experiences are part of the membership that can be enjoyed. Get a chance for an epicurean adventure through wine tasting and book reading. 

Martini sets a high standard for corporate clubs by offering unmatched facilities. An unparalleled experience is a promise at the club, along with the commitment to work-life balance, which now has a new definition. 

The Ace 153 represents unmatched opportunities and a perfect platform to redefine your brands and take them to the next level. It provides the right environment for success and growth through its luxurious office spaces and high-end retail spaces.

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