Top Educational Institutions Near Yamuna Expressway – YXP

Top Educational Institutions Near Yamuna Expressway – YXP

The development of the Yamuna Expressway – YXP has contributed to significant regional and economic growth. Some prominent institutions opened in the surrounding areas of the expressway provide great educational opportunities for students in the vicinity. These noble institutions have a hand in the major upgrade of the region by attracting talent and investments. Such renowned institutions have made Noida – YXP one of the top destinations for students, businesses, and professionals. 

This blog will shed light on the top educational institutions near the Yamuna Expressway – YXP. 

Gautam Buddha University

Gautam Buddha University is one of the prominent educational institutions around Noida – YXP. 

It has an impressive infrastructure compared to other institutions, with all the basic facilities, including sports centres, hostels, and laboratories. It is situated in Greater Noida and is a state government-funded university. You can explore enlightening opportunities through undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes. You can opt for various disciplines, including management, engineering, law, and the humanities. 

The institute has a highly skilled and capable teaching faculty, giving students the value of their money. 

Gautam Buddha University offers exceptional placement in major companies like Honda, NTT Data, Oppo, NIIT, Wipro, and many more. This institute has drastically changed students’ lives by upgrading their skills and preparing them for the path to achieve their aspirations. 

Gautam Buddha University has elevated the surrounding real estate market as well. Retail and commercial property has been a hike as the institute has become a magnetic force for growth and development, creating an innovative and evolving environment. 

Galgotias University

Galgotias University is a private institution offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes in Greater Noida. It has a global reputation and offers lush experience in academia and research. 

This institution offers modern infrastructure, the latest tools, and technology. It is a hub for high-achieving students and cultivates them into critical thinkers. The unwavering commitment to providing the best for the students qualifies this institution in all aspects of education and has gained respect from the corporate world. 

It is emerging as a leading ground for innovation and dissemination. They aim to build new epicentres of growth by significantly contributing to the development of this region. 


Sharda University

It is a well-known institute in Greater Noida, near the YXP-Yamuna Expressway, providing dynamic growth and advancement in the region. Sharda University has become an attractive hub for local and international students, equipped with everything to offer a meaningful career. Their programmes enable students to run in a highly competitive, inter-connected world. They provide their students with immense growth opportunities with innovative teacher methodology from well-trained professors. 

Its location is strategic in a secure and promising region, closer to world-class businesses and industries. It’s in Knowledge Park-III, an area earmarked by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority for Educational Institutes. Graduates have ample future opportunities because of the ever-growing industrial zone in the region. 

The Noida International University

As one of India’s top universities, it is strategically located near Noida  – YXP. The lush green campus is spread across 75 acres and boasts unique and captivating architecture. The students can opt for multi-disciplinary programmes in various streams like Medical, Social Sciences, Law, Management, and Engineering. 

Students from more than 54 nations place faith in the academic curriculum of the institute, which offers education beyond boundaries and facilitates them to achieve the pinnacles of success. 

The Noida International University has a 350+ bedded hospital under the name of the Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences (NIIMS), which offers a unique pedagogy for medical education and provides access to help in the area. They teach a top level of commitment and have welcomed growth in the region and the economy.

JBM University

The institute has a sprawling green campus near YXP – Noida, which serves as an attraction to the region. It endeavours to offer quality education that meets global standards. Students at JMB University are provided outstanding opportunities to witness development and enable pragmatic vision. 

Regular activities are conducted to imbibe skills in young minds for the corporate world and impart them in the industry. The institute has supplied impeccable architects to the global industry with highly skilled talents and high ethical standards. 

JBM University has also pushed development and growth in the area, attracting businesses and creating job opportunities. Even international employers have their eye on the talent cultivated at this institute, giving students a golden opportunity to transform their future. 


YEIDA’s Plans For An Educational Hub

YEIDA plans to develop sectors such as 22E and 17A as hubs for universities, which are around 15 km from Noida International Airport. They will be launching a plot scheme to set parcels of land aside, ranging from 26 to 50 acres. It will open doors for five new universities in these sectors. According to the officials, three universities are in progress: 

  • Fore School (25 acres)
  • Narsee Monjee (25 acres)
  • JBM (35 acres)

They are expected to be ready by the year 2024. Sectors near Noida – YXP already have a Medical Park and Apparel Park. Now, land for educational institutes will be allotted through objective parameters and an interview. 

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