Luxury Residential Property in Noida Expressway

Luxury Residential Property in Noida Expressway

Noida was founded as a planned city back in the 1970s. It has developed significantly over the past decades and has witnessed extensive population growth. Due to the massive inrush of migrants from other cities, the real estate sector in Noida is compelled to develop rapidly. The region also attracts many young professionals from the IT/ITeS sector, especially from BPOs. This commercially evolving sector, supplemented with job opportunities, is one of the many contributing factors leading to the soaring demand for property in Noida Expressway.  

Noida has been gaining preference compared to other areas of the NCR. Infrastructure developments around the Yamuna Expressway – YXP and Jewar International Airport have made this region a much sought-after investment hub, bolstering its economic significance and that of its adjoining areas. 

ACE Parkway and ACE Starlit are two of the most magnificent residential projects among new projects in Noida that have taken the real estate market by storm. ACE Group, a trusted real estate developer in Noida, is the mastermind behind these colossal projects that are lucrative investment opportunities. 

You can get a better insight into property in Noida Expressway in this blog. 

Why Are Luxurious Residential Spaces in High Demand?

A luxurious home signifies opulence and is a harbinger of prestige. But most of all, prospective homeowners are enticed towards such projects because these spaces can offer high-end amenities that aren’t available elsewhere. These amenities may include: 

  • Private Security 
  • Spacious Apartments
  • Gym & Sports Facilities
  • Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools

Residents can enjoy easy access to these amenities and experience an affluent lifestyle. Another reason why luxurious properties have high demand is because they are often located in desirable areas. 

ACE Parkway: Where Elegance Meets Convenience

ACE Parkway is a lavish ~eleven-acre enclave where luxury meets comfort. It’s nestled out around the serene beauty of the sector and is a prestigious residential property in Noida, Sector 150. 

The apartment space is meticulously optimised per Vaastu principles and caters to stunningly planned architecture and outstanding infrastructure. Residents of Parkway are promised a pollution-free lifestyle coupled with modern facilities. It is located in a low-density area and is a green-based project. You can invest in luxurious 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments and spectacular penthouses. 

With interiors designed by celebrity designer Gauri Khan herself, this project exudes excellence. Natural light infuses every space and creates a heavenly ambience. These flats on the Noida Expressway can offer you a plush and bright future. 

The expansive outdoor swimming pool delivers a relaxing effect and is a delightful family space. Furthermore, ACE Parkway offers a state-of-the-art clubhouse, Club Spade, that evokes the feel of a resort. It is a luxurious space where you can unwind. This place will be equipped with various facilities where you can feel rejuvenated. When it comes to the ethereal beauty of the project landscape, we surely can’t forget the water bodies in the verdant garden, which is a mesmerising sight.

Furthermore, the proximity to the metro station makes it ideal for businesses and working families. The connectivity provides a blissful connection, especially in India, where traffic can be a nightmare.

Key Highlights of the Project

ACE Parkway, a renowned project in Noida Sector 150, promises a breathtaking contemporary design aesthetic. 

  • A majestic lobby beside the entrance is the perfect place to relax with your guests and enjoy the ethereal view. 
  • The state-of-the-art SportFit Zone provides 51 sports and fitness activities for leisure and rejuvenation.
  • A luxurious club spade where you can host grand ceremonies is a dream come true. 
  • Well-appointed security features provide a safe and serene haven for families to thrive. 

ACE Starlit: Redefining Grandeur

ACE Starlit is a project that emanates splendour and can leave you mesmerised.  It can be a sanctuary for residents and sweep them away with iconic architecture. This project is designed to offer lush green spaces and remarkable amenities that can elevate your lifestyle. This luxurious project stands at the coveted location of Noida Sector 152..                                                                                                                                                                                

The ultra-modern double-height entrance lobbies are a breathtaking place to meet and greet visitors. Being a project located in a low-density region, you can expect a serene environment with less commotion and pollution. However, all essential amenities, such as hospitals, colleges, metros, and malls, will be within reach. ACE Starlit also offers outstanding flats on the Noida Expressway that are meticulously designed and well-ventilated, ensuring a peaceful and healthy lifestyle for years to come. The strategic location of this project makes it a prime opportunity for those seeking to invest in Noida Expressway property

The unique glass facade residences that showcase an elevated standard of living will speak for themselves. The opulent design of its apartments is simply phenomenal and unparalleled by any other. Your apartment will be a testament to luxury, granting you a lifestyle that can only be dreamed of. The panoramic view from your apartment will surely leave you awestruck every time you enjoy the horizon. With everyday amenities nearby, what more do you wish for? 

Within the project grounds, you will also find ‘The Marquee’ clubhouse. This is the perfect place to commemorate every momentous occasion in your life. The venue is ideal for various fun-filled activities with friends and family. Some features include:

  • Recreation zone 
  • Games 
  • Yoga room 
  • Swimming pool

You will also get to indulge in a pleasant stroll in the embrace of nature at the Reflexology Garden. It is the perfect spot for tensions to melt away. A Hibiscus Garden awaits to enchant you with its divine blooms, and a forest trail invites you to lose yourself in peaceful solitude.

ACE has delivered many prime residential projects that have garnered the adoration of its residents. Their masterful designs and world-class amenities reflect unparalleled quality and transparent consultation.

We expedite timely delivery and ensure that our customers are content beyond expectations. Whether you are seeking a 2 BHK flat in Noida to transform it into your dream abode or making an investment for a prosperous future, ACE Group welcomes you with open arms. 

So, don’t wait and contact us today for the ideal property in Noida Expressway.



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