Real estate seems to be again catching the pace

Real estate seems to be again catching the pace

The depiction of the epidemic in India and all over the world takes place in times of crisis, it is real estate that is solid as an investment compared to other asset classes and thus the segment has started showing growth. While this has been a common desire among many to be a homeowner, it took a back seat to a world of options for being adventurous and spending on extravagant flats and homes. Now that people are struggling for jobs and security, it is safer to have your own house and not pay rent. So clearly, the house has become an integral part of life and is a tangible investment unlike other asset classes, which has accelerated the shopping trend.

Reduction in stamp duty rate and the lower interest rate on home loans

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It is no secret that many potential home buyers are fence-sitters due to the heavy financial obligation involved in purchasing a property. Apart from paying down payments and availing home loans where EMIs have to be paid every month, fringe charges like registration fees, stamp duty charges, etc. disturb home buyers by shaking their entire budget, especially now that the entire world. Is battling an epidemic. Any relief in these allegations is a major relief and pushes the customer to confidence.

People have taken self-consumption and realty investment seriously as an asset as a result of global risk. This has given rise to more people between 25 and 35 years old as they can take advantage of the home loan financing option. However, the rate of interest on home loans was a concern for home buyers which has now been settled. Currently, interest rates have come down by 15 years, making it the most attractive time to take a home loan.

Not stopping at that, many reputable developers are burning the benefits available with additional offers and price additions, making the purchase good for consumers. For example, Ace Divino is offering luxurious flats in the Noida Extension and many other upcoming initiatives all at affordable costs. For most aspiring home-buyers, this is the once-in-a-lifetime time as well as the single largest financial commitment of their life. Looking at the current market scenario, it is mainly the buyer’s market to invest and fulfill the dream of that dream owner.

Investing in real estate has always been one of the most effective routes to financial freedom. Consider choosing from Ace’s projects in Noida Extension when looking for reliable options. This is because it offers incredible spaces with all the needed features one would ever seek.

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