5 Summer-Inspired Home Décor Tips

5 Summer-Inspired Home Décor Tips

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your home and cool it down to make it more comfortable during the increasing temperatures of the summer? 

You are in the right place. 

Many people believe decor tips often provide guidance to an entire remodelling project that can go on for months. However, it’s not true. 

You can simply move a few things, add some practically valuable items for the summer, and do a paint job on your house to ultimately make staying indoors worthwhile for your family. 

Let’s start our discussion about top summer-inspired home decor tips anyone can follow without any difficulty.  

1. Say Hi To Summer Clothes

First off, it’s time to get rid of the stuff you don’t use during the summer, such as winter clothes and accessories, blankets, etc. The idea is to lose the visual weight and make your home seem like a spacious and welcoming place. 

It is undoubtedly the best feeling to remove unnecessary items from your visual home space and stand in the middle of it thinking now everything looks tidy. 

This is crucial in adding comfort to your home during the scorching heat. Remove items you wouldn’t miss in the summer and let the air pass through. You’ll feel extremely fresh. 


2. Replace Incandescent Lights 

Did you know incandescent lights emit 90% of their energy in the form of heat? Of course, you cannot use such bulbs when trying to cool down the room in the summer. So, it’s better to replace them. 

You can go to the market and buy LED lights for your home. This will also prove helpful in lowering your monthly energy costs. Nowadays, there are many different types of lights available that produce less heat and consume less energy. 

LED street lamps

Don’t forget to use them to your advantage this summer.

3. Indoor Plants & Flowers 

Yes, it is significant to put plants and flowers outside your home for a better environment. However, bringing in a few plants inside the home shouldn’t be forgotten. It will allow a fresh breeze to enter your house, cooling it down effectively. Plus, plants and flowers smell nice. 

If you aren’t experienced in managing plants, get plants that are easy to take care of, so you can learn to take care of them in the process. Who knows, it might even become a hobby you end up loving for the rest of your life. 

Apart from bringing fresh breezes, plants also work well as decor items, immediately grabbing the attention of anyone who walks into the room. 

4. Use Bold Floral Designs 

Now that you’ve decluttered, added indoor plants, and replaced heat-emitting lights, it’s time to be bold and make a statement with your summer decor. 

That’s right; you start by selecting larger-than-life floral wallpapers and go forward from there. You can add matching curtains to take your summer style up a notch. Of course, you should consider the ceiling height of every wall on which you are pasting your favourite floral wallpapers. 

floral wallpaper

Ensure to choose summer colours when selecting wallpapers. Otherwise, your hard work could go to waste. You can go floral with anything, ranging from bedsheets to mats, curtains, table cloth, wallpapers, and more. You’ll know what looks ideal. 

5. Install Insulated Window Films 

Did you know insulated window films help with 98% infrared heat reduction? They prove increasingly helpful in reducing temperature imbalances in your home and offer privacy to the residents. Plus, you can still enjoy the light and view of the outdoors without feeling the heat or pollution by installing insulated window films.

For those who are wondering, the window insulation film protects a place from the heat and UV rays penetrating the windows. This will likely cool down the rooms in your home and help you and your family sleep soundly. 

Bonus Tips 

Here’s an entire list of bonus tips to decorate your home for the summer since you have made it this far; 

  • Decorate with cool, light, vibrant, and sunshine colours. 
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different summer themes. 
  • Use practical décor items to portray your style and boldness. 
  • Minimize as many layers as possible. 
  • Spend more time in nature and let it enter your home. 
  • Use insulated window films.
  • Add cooling curtains. 
  • Install adequate ventilation systems to beat the heat. 

Congratulations, you are now on your way to try the top summer-inspired home decor tips. Let this summer remind you of the joy of life and add a dash of colour into your lifestyle. Embrace simplicity but don’t let it take over your bold and colourful side. 

Don’t compromise your comfort anymore. Have fun and be cool this summer!

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