The ACE of real estate

The ACE of real estate

If you are looking for top builders in Noida and searching for top real estate brands in Noida and are confused we wouldn’t really blame you.

Travel along a mile of a road in Noida and chances are you will see buildings made by 3-4 different builders, all of them with grandiose names. So how do you really separate the wheat from the chaff? The record of the ACE group can speak to you for itself. A company recognized by a reputed media house such  as CNBC Awaaz for its quality work when it was awarded twice in two consecutive years for the best construction quality in 2013 and for having the best affordable homes in Delhi NCR in 2014 for ACE Platinum and ACE City.

The ACE of real estate

Over the years, the ACE group has stood true on its promises of delivering world class projects which are innovative and get delivered on time.

Today the ACE group is counted among the top builders in Noida, thanks to the quality of projects that have been delivered under its construction. This is a reputation which has been forged over a long period of time with strong commitment to quality standards and customer service.

In 2018, the group is striving towards completing new projects with modern features and luxurious amenities with the same zeal and attention to detail that has made it a top real estate brand. Take a look at some of the creations of the group and make up your mind about why ACE ranks among the very best.

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