As the saying goes, “Home is Where The Heart Is” our home is our haven, a sanctuary for the chaotic and hectic life. A happy and prosperous new home depends on its built. This is why many people apply the rules of Vastu Shastra to promote spiritual harmony in their life. 

However, not many of us are confident about what to follow when it comes to incorporating these guidelines. So we’ve compiled a few tips as a guide for you to make your home Vastu-compliant. 

Vastu Shastra for Home tips 

  1. Don’t shift your belongings to your new home before performing a griha pravesh puja ceremony. 
  1. You must discard broken items as they attract negative energy and adversely affect your health.
  1. Make sure that your furniture or any other large household articles follow a straight line or in the shapes of squares or rectangles. 
  1. Ventilation is another crucial element when it comes to Vastu for home. Lack of proper ventilation could attract negative energy to your home. So make appropriate arrangements for an efficient ventilation system.
  1. Include greenery in your home where possible to attract positive energy. Adding water elements such as an aquarium or a fountain will also bring tranquillity and peace into the residence. 
  1. The direction of the water flow is also another factor to consider. You can achieve financial gains with a water flow towards the east, and a flow towards the north ensures happiness. Remember that if your wastewater flows out of the south or the southwest direction, it can cause a negative effect. 
  1. Don’t let your stairs become the reason for financial losses. The ideal place for a staircase in your home is the entrance. One of the Vastu tips for stairs is that the best direction for an indoor staircase is the southwest section of your home and then the south or west directions. 
  1. A guaranteed prosperity bringer to your home is adding a Kamdhenu statue or statues of Buddha. You can place multiple Buddha statues in your home to invite peace and prosperity to your dwelling.

Whether you’re a  homeowner or a tenant, following these Vastu tips for home can be worthwhile. Ensuring your new home or apartment is Vastu compliant can make all the difference for a good and prosperous life!

The meticulously-built ACE Parkway is also Vastu compliant, with space-optimized for perfection. If you’re seeking to plan a future of exquisite living, contact us for more information. 

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