If you are planning to purchase a property, you might have come across the term Occupancy Certificate. For real estate builders in Noida and other regions,  an occupancy certificate, also known as ‘OC’, is one of the most essential documents. As a homeowner, you also need to possess an Occupancy Certificate. But why is an OC so important and what would happen if you do not acquire an occupancy certificate after buying a property? Let’s dive into it and find out its importance.

What is an Occupancy Certificate

Issued by a civic body or a local government authority, an Occupancy Certificate verifies that a project has been constructed according to the standard procedure for building and other relevant rules and regulations. This certificate demonstrates that a building complies with the construction protocol and is authorized for occupation. Without an OC a project is considered uncertified and the local governing body can take legal action. Therefore, you should make sure you get an OC before moving into your new property.


Occupancy Certificate Vs Completion Certificate

A Completion Certificate is another document that a builder can obtain after the completion of a project. A ‘CC’ demonstrates information about a project such as the building plan and materials that are being used for construction. This document indicates that the building has been constructed according to the approved building plan. 

An Occupation Certificate verifies that the building has been constructed in compliance with the plan, and can be obtained once the construction has been completed and the building is ready for occupation. 

While a Completion Certificate can be acquired once the building is able to achieve the required standards of construction, including the building height, separation from the road, and drainage system.

A Completion Certificate will give you peace of mind by verifying that the project you are investing in is constructed according to the approved layout. For instance, you’d never want your apartments in Noida to be part of an unauthorised building. Therefore, you need to possess a CC. Additionally, local authorities issue the certificate after inspecting the building, so you can rest assured that your building has no construction flaws.

Importance of Occupancy Certificate

When you buy a property, you need to ensure that the building follows the rules issued by the local governing authorities for construction. That’s where an Occupancy Certificate comes in. With an OC, you can easily set up the utilities in your home by applying for gas, electricity, etc. 

You will also need the OC while selling a property, purchasing a property from its initial buyer, or when applying for a home loan. An Occupancy Certificate plays an essential role in the reliability of the property as, without an OC, you will not be able to find buyers when selling your property. 

How to Acquire an Occupancy Certificate?

After the completion of a project, the builder can apply for an Occupancy Certificate. You can obtain an OC from the builder of the project. Due to more transparent procedures in the sectors, real estate builders in Noida and other developing regions are acquiring Occupancy Certificates to ensure maximum reliability. ACE Group is proud to be one of the top builders in India and is well-known for offering reliable projects.

ACE Divino, one of the best residential projects in Greater Noida West has acquired the Occupancy Certificate while  ACE Parkway, one of the most premium luxury residential projects in Sector 150 Noida, soon will apply for OC as well. 

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