YEIDA’s Master Plan 2041: Aerotropolis & Olympic City Near YXP

YEIDA’s Master Plan 2041: Aerotropolis & Olympic City Near YXP

The Uttar Pradesh government is embarking on a journey for development. Under Master Plan 2041, the area surrounding the upcoming Noida International Airport close to YXP is to be transformed into an aerotropolis similar to New Delhi’s Aerocity. This business zone would be on par with New York’s Central Park. It will also include major infrastructure projects such as the “Olympic City” and a 500-hectare park. 

Looking at the ongoing developments in the UP state, we can surely anticipate wonders of economic and cultural enhancement. This blog will give you a deeper insight into what is expected under the Master Plan 2041.

Land Coverage & Growth

Authorities presented the plan to the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) board, which reveals that the developing area will stretch around 165 km along the Yamuna Expressway – YXP. It is presumed that there will be a requirement of 8 lakh homes to inhabit 42.7 lakh people by the year 2041. 

To handle this growth, around 1,200 hectares of commercial space will be needed, along with industrial land of about 4,000 hectares. The total planning area of Phase I is around 604 square kilometers, as per the YEIDA plan. Also, about 321 sq km is marked as an ‘Urbanisable’ area. 

Based on the 2011 census, this area has a population of 3,74,431. In this calculation, 80.7% is rural, and almost 19.3% is urban. Around 10,542 hectares of land are allotted for the Aerotropolis, and 4,752 hectares of this are given to the Noida International Airport. 

The primary aspect of this plan caters to Aerotropolis, Olympic City, the Central Business District, and the transportation sector. 

Potential For Industrial Development

Among the most notable impacts of this master plan will be on Noida’s economy, and it is anticipated to become an attraction for industrial investment, replicating Central Park’s effect on New York. 

The plan predicts the land will become a central commercial core catering to many retail spaces, offices, and other business uses. A city-level central park in the Central Business District is also proposed to be considered a recreational facility. 

When delving into economic growth, the first commercial sector when travelling from the Noida Airport also offers remarkable investment opportunities. ACE Group’s upcoming commercial project in Sector 153 Noida – ACE 153 would be a valuable contribution to economic development. Its location, amenities, and unique infrastructure would be an immaculate attraction for the commercial sector. 


The Olympic City

Olympic City will have two parts: Olympic Park and Olympic Village, which will spread over 390 hectares. This project will have a significant impact on the already developed properties of nearby sectors as well as the upcoming commercial ones. By 2041, YEIDA has planned to develop 16 new sectors, offering a massive surge in the demand for commercial properties. 

Providing logistical facilities is also part of this plan to fulfill upcoming industrial demand. The construction of dormitories and service apartments has also been suggested. Twenty-nine arenas are to be established in the Olympic city, which are expected to be its components according to the master plan. 

This will be dedicated to various Olympic sports, strengthening the region’s position as a multifaceted corner for golden opportunities and immense progress. 

Wellness and medical centres are planned to be established within the airport’s city-side development to cater to healthcare requirements. 


A metropolitan subregion whose land usage, economy, and infrastructure revolve around an airport is called an aerotropolis. Proposed to be centered around the under-construction Jewar Airport, this project aims to establish a well-developed hub for industrial and residential purposes. 

Progressive infrastructure is anticipated to be featured in the project, which will include: 

  • Commercial centers
  • Innovation and technology hubs
  • Logistics hubs, recreational areas 
  • Hospitality options
  • Showrooms 

There will be more advanced facilities included, such as: 

  • Professional offices
  • Biotechnology parks 
  • Shopping malls 
  • Hotels 
  • Service apartments
  • Research centers 
  • Software technology zones

The commercial sector of this aerotropolis will be dedicated to facilitating various business activities, warehouses, and freight complexes. To promote growth and adaptability, officials have outlined a flexible approach to using land within the industrial and hospitality sectors.  

According to reports, in the fiscal year of 2014, approximately $6.78 million in direct and indirect tax revenue generated for Central Park in New York. This report further enhances the expectations of generating similar revenue for Noida from this master plan in 2041.  

The government’s initial plan is to transform Noida into a thriving hub for industrial and commercial purposes. Moreover, the Airport Authority of India has mandated a height restriction on this aerotropolis of 20 meters. 

To promise that the region will reach its full potential, this constraint is expected to produce comprehensive ground-level development while following aviation safety standards. A range of hotels, retail establishments, and entertainment options will be developed for the local community and travellers. 


Heritage And Culture

For the city to act as a gateway, the master plan 2041 also looks into the heritage and cultural aspects. YEIDA has planned to establish a heritage city connected to Mathura-Vrindavan. Noida and Greater Noida’s growth dynamics have influenced Phase Phase-1 of YEIDA. 

Multi-Modal Connectivity Services

The Noida authority plans to establish multi-modal connectivity services. This will have a pod taxi and a metro. The proposal for public transport has a city bus network and routes, metro, and new-metro extensions. E-rickshaw stations and rickshaw stands will be included in intermediate public transport. 

Furthermore, the inter-state bus terminals, freight corridors, and depot proposals are included in the plan. Parking is one of the key components of this plan, which is well-covered by providing provisions for off-street and on-street parking. 

Even when the development of this area takes a few years, the uncertainty will be minimized by logical and sequential phasing. Also, this will improve economic feasibility. 

When delving into the developments of the YXP – Yamuna Expressway, it’s quite evident that the region’s future will hold a multitude of benefits. This potential economic hub is already witnessing the mushrooming of commercial and industrial projects, which continues to add value to the property market. Contributing to its growth, acclaimed real estate builders in Noida, ACE Group will be coming soon with another masterpiece at YXP – Yamuna Expressway. 

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