4 tips to Use plantings in home Designing

4 tips to Use plantings in home Designing

A view close to the stairway of heaven accompanied by calmness and purity such as living by thesea, still missing a touch of warmth to your house? While Ace gives you the solid structure with the luxury you lure, what’s the one thing that could bring up that adorable smile each time you cross your hallway?

An ambience of your own of course, walls that define you, each brick that calls out your name. Interiors, on an unpopular opinion can be effortless, less time confusing and way more economical than one might think.

Today Ace presents you with 4 tips to use plantings in your home designing to make yourself fall in love each time you enter your apartment.


  1. A lovable corner for your sofa: Does the corner look very bare even after stealing the ambience of your home? Well, let’s fill it up! Grab a stool and find a cloth complementing to your curtains so a new colourdoesn’t pop in the room, cover it with a couple of books placed in a bit unsymmetrical way and don’t forget the bookmarks! When are you planning to use that split wine bottle? Make sure it’s filled with ample water and finally complete the set with flowers of your choice. For the cherry on top add a scented candle so as to add to the flattery of the pretty flowers.

Hanging slabs

  1. Hanging wooden slabs: Want to add a tinge of modernity to the interior but don’t want a lot of pop and show? Hanging wooden slabs is the answer you’ve been looking for. Very convenient to make, lasts forever and is an absolute eye catcher. Get a rope, a plank slightly longer than a feet and get 4 holes drilled in each corner to pass the ends of the rope accordingly, make sure its stable enough to balance the weight of a couple of books. Get some old cups or mugs fill them some soil and you could be growing a gorgeous Boston fern in no time. This not only purifies the home environment but the wood adds a more aesthetic exterior vibe to it.

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Wooden table

  1. Wooden rustic side table: This one could take a small chunk of your time but we assure you the early morning smile makes it worth. You will need a wooden stump with height varying according to your bed. While buying, make sure the bark has been removed and the residue properly dried off, DO NOT put a piece of disintegrating moist wood in your room unless you want a smell.If everything goes as planned you can top it off with a small white curvy tray, not a huge one, in fact a compact one just enough to leave space for your cell, keys and spectacles. On the tray you could place a nice fireplace candle or a colorful mug with a small and pretty lavandula.


A green, cozy balcony: Balconies are usually small in size but the sunshine and winds make it the perfect spot to recharge your soul. Let’s speed up that process by adding to the beauty. Firstly, grass vinyl flooring would be the most recommended thing, super comfortable to sit on and very reliable if taken care of. Pairing it with a wooden planter sounds like something to work on, doesn’t it? I mean who doesn’t like an English wooden vibe to their home? Add a bean bag, a few pages of Hosseini and let that Vitamin D enter your body. You’re in paradise within no time.

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