5 Tips for Productively Working from Home during Lockdown

5 Tips for Productively Working from Home during Lockdown

We all miss the office buzz of course and while working from home has delights of its own but mind it, all that glitters is not gold. While Ace gives you a strong structure, with the luxury you lure your dwelling might give you a rather sloppy environment to work business, which can affect your work adversely. But don’t sweat it, getting over this sloppiness and being of top of your work isn’t much of a task if you follow these 5 tips like clockwork.

  1. Get your ducks in a row: Successful people are simply those with successful habits, so folks you need to get up and absorb the routine! This practice saves you from feeling sorry for yourself each time you wake up. Habits like making your bed, watering the plants and make a zesty cup of tea are short sold in a manner I cannot elaborate. Cleanliness is the elephant of the room, be the Monica of your house, we don’t mind. Trust me on this one folks, week’s old stained cups and crumbles don’t attract success, they attract ants. Think tide! Clean and healthy people make a wealthy country.


  1. Build the perfect home office: Design your home office with productivity in mind. Avoid an area which might be more perceptive to traffic and unless you like to work breathless in a cave make the home office close to a nicely ventilating window. Choose a table big enough to keep all the things you need, your files, laptop, a water bottle to stay hydrated surely a small flower pot. Add some colour to the adjacent walls, make them as lively as you want yourself to be. A comfortable chair is of course the bare minimum, and hear me out you don’t want to work with one hand looking over the back ache.

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  1. Wake up knowing what you need to accomplish: A healthy to-do list means you no harm; instead of being delirious you will be the lively part of a meeting! We recommend you to avoid pressing that tempting snooze button. Having a small sorted schedule can be helpful in times of unpredictability, uncertainty, and stress. Maybe sit by the balcony of Ace City, watch the green lush expand and plan your day out, isn’t it for this peace and productivity we allotted 70% of the land for green development? You’re welcome. Now you know how living in peace and productivity can be as effortless. It’s a different feeling when you know what to do in life.
  1. Take a break: Relaxing the mind is the best thing you can do for yourself; your mind will answer most of your questions, if you learn to relax and wait for the answers. Relaxing could be spending time with your partner, reading a book, maybe even sitting in the balcony looking at the stars, “me time” is time when you’re supposed to just breathe. Play some sport, get those legs to work! Isn’t that why we offer a 51 sports zone in our Ace Parkway project, and how can we forget a jog? That’s why we paved the way for special jogging and cycling trails at Ace Golfshire. In short, you need to catch up with yourself, never under-prioritize your mental peace.


  1. Keep Socializing: Can’t go out for a couple of drinks? Mix a mojito and dial up your friends from work. Loneliness, disconnect, and isolation are common problems in remote work life, like I said working from home has its cons. What are the small steps? You could keep your video on while in a meeting, check up on them once in a while, maybe if the pandemic restrictions are not too tight you could invite them over for dinner. Connect with these people, you have to work with them each day. A box of donuts and a smile always helps in the office.

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