5 Things To Ensure Before A Home Purchase

5 Things To Ensure Before A Home Purchase

Buying a home is an emotional decision for many people. Apart from the cost, you must ensure that the property value will appreciate over time. Whether you are picking residential apartments in Noida to reside in or invest in. There are a few things to consider for your decision to be a wise choice in the long run.

ACE Group has been serving the real state sector over a decade. We suggest the following steps as a must-do before you finalise your home purchase.

Be Clear on The Purpose of Purchase

The investment amount in a purchase will depend on why you are looking to buy a house. Is your primary goal to keep your apartments in Noida for self-use? Or are you looking to increase your investment portfolio through a passive income stream to care for your monthly expenses?

Your end goal will decide the factors that you must meet before purchasing any property. If you are going to occupy the property, you might consider factors such as locality, mobility, and the finish to suit your taste. But if the purchase is to rent, you need to take ROI and value depreciation into the account.

Compare Price Trends in Neighbouring Localities

Exhaustively research the prices of the type of property you are wanting to buy from any source you can get your hands on. The prices for apartments in Noida differ based on plan layouts, finish material, amenities, and other outdoor and indoor facilities available.

List down what facilities and amenities you are desiring to have in your future purchase and compare the apartments constructed by various builders in the area.

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Perform a Thorough Check on Builders

Often many construction projects face delays due to innumerable reasons. So, it is in your favour to perform your due diligence. Check the track record, experience, and market reputation of the builder you are interested in buying from.


Get Informed on any Hidden Costs

Often the cost of energy backups, treatment plants, storage tanks, and club membership is not included in the primary cost of purchase. Therefore, check all and every hidden cost that might come with other facilities that are listed in the project plan.

Stay Updated on Real Estate News

Shifts in the real estate market may occur due to price fluctuations in construction materials, eventually affecting real estate pricing. Furthermore, before you make a decision based on any rushed discounts or low-income rates on home loans, ensure that you have been following the real estate trends for a good number of months.

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