6 Trendy Ideas For Kids Room Décor

6 Trendy Ideas For Kids Room Décor

To boost your child’s cognitive abilities, decorate their room with your DIY skills that showcase their personality. Pick colours and furniture with a unique design so that your kid may grow up in a creative and comfortable space. ACE Parkway is a luxurious property in sector 150 Noida providing enough open spaces and green cover to make the outside view appealing and healthy. Use this as an incentive to make your kid’s room a staycation experience.

Below are a few trendy ideas that you can pick from:

Paint Walls with Lively Colours

Pick a bold colour that is attractive and your child loves. Kids normally are attracted to primary colours like red, yellow, and blue and secondary colours like green, purple, and orange. But avoid neutral shades of grey or brown.

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Dedicate A Wall for Writing

Kids usually like to scribble anywhere and everywhere. And if your kid has a particular artistic inclination, you are sure to find walls containing all kinds of weird creatures. However, you can save yourself the cost of repainting by allocating a wall to writing and crafting purposes with chalkboard paint.

Paint A Private Indoor Sky

Toddlers like to gaze at the ceiling while you try to make them fall asleep. Make the sleeping experience for your child more magical by adorning the ceiling with a night sky art painted with glow-in-the-dark paints or colours.

Create A Bookworm’s Paradise

Kids like to feel things through the sense of touch. Let your kid enjoy different nighttime lore by dedicating a space in their room to a compact library that may not be as lavish as the one portrayed in Beauty and The Beast but is suited to your child’s liking.

Provide Comfy Seating and Bedding

As a parent, your utmost attention is spent on providing your kid with the best quality goods. Your child is likely going to spend most of their hours playing and resting in their room. Therefore, you must make sure to select a cuddle-worthy mattress, a chair with a soft seat, and a lavish yet cotton soft plush.

kids room decor ideas at property in sector 150 Noida

Use Suspended Bunking Beds

Suspended bunk beds are a creative take on making your kid’s room look more spacious and artistic. This adds a unique design element well suited for smaller spaces. If your kid moves around at night, restrict their movement by running a guardrail around the bed edges.

We hope you found these décor ideas refreshing. Let us know which décor idea you chose.

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