How To Retrieve Lost Property Papers

How To Retrieve Lost Property Papers

After a long search for the best residential apartments in Noida, you settle for one of the finest apartments. You then contact the best real estate builders in Noida to get your paperwork completed for the ownership. But, somehow you are not able to locate the property papers at the place you last kept it safe. What can you do to get your papers back?

First, don’t panic. We are giving you a step-by-step process to get your property papers.

File an FIR with the City Police

If you can’t find the papers after looking at all the places where you keep important documents, you must update the nearby police station. Similar to a case of loss or robbery of any other valuable goods, file a First Information Report (FIR). Get a copy of the FIR and keep it safe for future reference.

The Police will try to search for your apartment papers. Even after a reasonable time, if they are unable to trace the property papers, the police will issue you a non-traceable certificate that you will use at a later stage.

Publish a Notice in the Newspaper

After lodging a complaint with the police department, you must also publish an advertisement notice stating that you have lost the property papers in two different newspapers, one in an English national and another in a local language paper.

It must also include the contact details in case someone finds the property paper to return to.

We suggest you wait for at least fifteen days after the notice appears in the newspaper. This step is crucial to make the general public aware of the theft or loss. If you did not get the document after this waiting period, use the copy of this publication to file for a duplicate certificate.

Jot Down The Events in an Application

Detail the events as you recall them on a plain piece of paper as clearly as you can. You can mention if the document is lost or misplaced and all the specifics of your apartments during the time of purchase.

Retrieve lost property

Write an Undertaking 

On stamp paper undertake the information concerning the lost property, as mentioned in the newspaper notice and the police certificate. Outline all the details specified in the newspaper notice and the police complaint number.

Submit the Application to Registrar

Submit the application along with the undertaking to the registrar’s office where the property was first registered. After paying the fees you will be able to acquire the duplicate selling deed once the documents for your apartments in Noida are verified.

After a waiting time of 15-20 days, you will get a duplicate copy of your property papers that you must keep safe.

The steps you will need to follow to get duplicate property papers in case of a loss or theft are stated above. There might be slight variations based on local rules and guidelines, but for the large part, the process stays the same.

Some Pointers

Keep these below pointers in mind as well if you have any confusion on these matters:

  • The FIR can only be filed by the property owner claiming that the property papers have gone missing or are lost.
  • If your papers go missing from a bank you have partnered with for safekeeping, the bank will have to compensate you for the loss.
  • There is an option given by a few cities to submit an online application for the missing papers. You can make use of this facility to save time with hard application filing.

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