Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

Vastu Shastra says that the kitchen holds a great amount of positive energy. Our culture firmly believes that kitchens complying with Vastu principles play a vital role in sustaining the family’s health and positive energy. This blog explores the Vastu-approved colour scheme for each nook and cranny of your kitchen and highlights certain colours to avoid in your kitchen. So get ready to paint your opulent apartment according to the trending Vastu colours in 2024.

Pick Awe-Inspiring Vastu Colours For Your Ultra Modern Kitchen

Indian culture treats food as highly esteemed, and so is the place where it is cooked. This is why it’s necessary to follow the best Vastu Shastra tips when choosing colours, furniture pieces, cabinets, counters, and decorations. On the contrary, a Vastu non-compliant kitchen can bring financial burdens and family disputes. According to Vastu Shastra, kitchen colour, including the walls, countertops, cabinets, slabs, tiles, and flooring, significantly impacts the inhabitants of your home.

Here’s a quick overview we’ve put together so you can easily understand the Vastu-compliant kitchen colours and their representation.

Vastu ColoursWhat They Represent?
WhitePurity and positivity
GreenHope and harmony
YellowEnergy and freshness
Chocolate BrownWarmth and contentment
PeachTenderness and nurturing
Metallic HuesProductivity and tranquillity
BeigeCalmness and relaxation

Optimistic Orange

Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra, the southeast of your residential apartment is the best direction for a kitchen. You should also paint your kitchen facing the east or south direction with auspicious orange; however, avoid using orange for kitchens in the north and west directions. This vibrant and cheerful colour radiates warmth and happiness while attracting prosperity to your home.

Radiant Red

Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

The Hindu scripture connects the colour red with fire, celebrations, and good fortune. Vastu recommends that red brings food, feasts, joy, and good luck if used as a kitchen colour. This colour is also suggested for southeast-facing kitchens. 

Red hues emit positive energy in your space while representing a tireless attitude towards life’s challenges. Use red on walls and cabinets with white hues. Moreover, you must avoid red if your kitchen faces north and west directions.

Wholesome White

Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

Vastu suggests white is a pure, sacred kitchen colour, depicting cleanliness and light. If your kitchen faces the northwest, use white to increase positive vibes. However, Vastu recommends its combination with red, light blue, or yellow.

Lively Green

Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

While enhancing positivity, this Vastu-compliant colour gives your kitchen a vibrant and fresh appeal. Green paint is recommended to brighten up kitchens facing the east, north, or south. However, west-facing kitchens must avoid green touches. 

Textures and shades of green like pistachio green, moss green, or olive green are highly trending. For small and modern kitchens, a versatile light green paint may look stunning. Moreover, kitchen slabs in green are also favourable.

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Energetic Yellow

Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

Vastu recommends painting your kitchen walls yellow for a fresh, energetic, and happy vibe in your dream kitchen. This colour is also suitable for kitchens lacking direct sunlight to mimic its warmth in dim-lit spaces. This jolly colour cheers you up while creating an ideal ambiance for the entire family to enjoy their meals. 

Yellow paint is recommended for south and east-facing kitchens. If your residential apartment has a kitchen in the east, use yellow for slabs and avoid it on kitchen walls. You can use a muted golden tone with shades of yellow from canary yellow, mustard, or pale yellow paint to stimulate comfort, relaxation, and security. Moreover, avoid this colour in the north and east directions.

Additional Vastu-Complying Colour Suggestions

Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

Apart from the colours discussed above, you can also use these Vastu-approved colours to paint your kitchen as you like. Consider neutral or pastel colours to make your kitchen Vastu-compliant. You can use more colour ideas: light brown, beige, peach, pink, metallic hues, ocean blue, and light grey.

Vastu-Rejected Colours For Kitchen

Colours significantly impact family members as they balance the mind and body. An imbalance in colour causes a negative effect while destroying the positive energy field of your home. These negative colours make your space look cluttered, uninviting, and claustrophobic. Use Vastu-approved colours for your cooking space to prevent your kitchen from appearing small and cold.

Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

Vastu prohibits these dark colours, including black, dark brown, dark grey, purple, and dark blue, from being used in your stylish kitchen.

  • Black walls or tiles in the kitchen increase depression and may lead to wealth loss. 
  • The use of too much dark grey can also make the inhabitants feel depressed.
  • Dark blue is considered unstable for the kitchen as it represents the water element. In contrast, according to Vastu, a kitchen should represent the fire element.

Trending Vastu Colours for Your Kitchen in 2024

Listed below are some trending Vastu-compliances to introduce in your kitchen:

Walls: Among all Vastu-based kitchens, 2024 is witnessing trendy shades of green, ranging from refreshing mint green to lush forest green. This colour represents nature and life and enhances peace and relaxation in your kitchen.

Best Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen

Flooring: Natural wooden colours, cream, white, and pale grey, are also famous among real estate builders for their flooring. Use the unique texture of granite and marble as floor coverings.

Tiles: Delicate design patterns and shades, such as blush pinks and subtle browns, are trending this year.

Decor: Natural materials are highly in demand for kitchen decor, particularly countertops. Beige, marble, white, and green granite look auspicious in the kitchen counters.

Summing Up

You should comply with Vastu principles while picking kitchen colours, as they impact your home’s positive energies. It also fosters happiness, good health, and prosperity among the inhabitants. From the vibrant hues of red and orange to the calming tones of ocean blue and beige, each colour selection represents harmony. 

Using the specific Vastu directions, you can enjoy your home’s overall well-being, prosperity while cultivating an enhanced culinary experience. Moreover, if you want to live in Vastu-compliant apartments, choose ACE Group’s lavish residential apartments in Noida that are efficiently constructed according to Vastu guidelines.

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