Commercial Property In Noida Brings Sustainability

Commercial Property In Noida Brings Sustainability

Sustainable living encourages a lifestyle in such a way that’s not harmful to our environment and decreases the carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the main culprit in the deterioration of our environment and the cause of rapid climate change. To tackle this, many organisations have introduced many ways where environmental issues can be reduced. This includes green housing and commercial property in Noida using sustainable materials during construction.

Utilising Water Conservation

This means using water in a more efficient way which also saves water from being wasted. Water conservation is a vital part of green buildings in which measures are taken to reduce the amount of potable water. 

ACE Capitol incorporates a well-organised on-site waste treatment system to handle all the organic waste generated in the building. Water metres are installed to monitor municipal water supply, flushing water use, landscaping water supply, and the make-up of air-conditioning cooling towers. The project also retains 100% of stormwater runoff if one-day rainfall is at 12.5% one-day. 

Ways To Conserve Water:

Here are a few steps that can be implemented in commercial buildings to prevent water wastage.

  • Turn off the tap while soaping hands
  • Regularly check faucets, pipes and toilet for water leakage
  • Utilising water conservation plumbing fixtures
  • Regulating building’s water pressure
  • Don’t use the toilet as a trash can to flush cigarettes and tissue papers. Flushing uses five to seven gallons of water.


What Is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is an automatic or semi-automatic system which controls the lights of a building. There are different varieties of smart lighting that connect to the Internet or also work offline. 

Smart lighting systems can be timed and controlled through remote access. ACE Capitol is an eco-friendly commercial property in Noida, which effectively saves up to 20% of energy, and all the office space gets 100% daylight illuminance levels. 

Electric Vehicle Charging

Contrary to regular cars, electric vehicles are beneficial for the environment. Even if electric cars are charged by electricity created from coal, they would still not pollute as much as conventional combustion engines. The reasoning behind this is that electrical engines require less energy. 

Conventional vehicles require fuel such as Petrol which is hazardous to the environment. Petrol is created from burning fossil fuels and this process releases harmful gases into the air which traps the heat. Hence, it causes environmental deterioration and has been at the forefront of climate change. 

Which is why to save our environment, electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations are the need of the hour. ACE Capitol offers EV charging stations to encourage people to take care of the environment. 

Eco-friendly Building Materials

Construction materials are another huge factor that impacts our environment. With the focus on green housing, the real estate and construction companies should focus on building sustainable homes. Which benefits our earth and nature. 

Some examples of sustainable construction materials are recycled steel and wood, cement and tiles. ACE Group has utilised sustainable materials effectively for the construction of its commercial project. Eco-friendly, recycled, and locally sourced materials like wood, steel, glass and aluminium were used during construction.

ACE Capitol is an immaculate commercial office space in Noida designed in line with the highest standards of IGBC. This commercial project is a meticulously built contemporary structure for all commercial needs. Contact us now for more information on ACE Capitol.

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