Noida – The game changer

Noida – The game changer

Few of the most economically powerful city and the leading financial centre of the world like NY, London, Tokyo, Singaporeare always in the news because of their lifestyle and influence on people. So, have you ever thought of such a city in India that can be a place like NY or London for Indians? Well, Delhi was ranked number 9 in a survey conducted by in February 2020. We can say that was before the pandemic hampered the world. Things have changed since then and people are looking for more and more financial stability with less risks involved. Noida – the suburb to Delhi has a lot of qualities that makes it the game changer for Indian real estate market. Noida is one of Asia’s largest planned industrial townships, and it is no more a stereotypical industrial area but the hub of India’s growth as an economic superpower.

What makes Noida the next big thing?

Noida is located on the river’s left bank, equidistant from Ghaziabad and Delhi. In the 1970s, it was constructed as a sophisticated industrial metropolis near Delhi, across the Yamuna River. Noida’s population has increased dramatically during the previous two decades, and the city now boasts a population of over 500,000 people. To accommodate the extraordinary rush of the population into this region, a new Greater Noida metropolis is being created on the outskirts of Noida. The real estate market in Noida is high octane, thanks in part to a significant number of individuals relocating from Delhi to make it their home. As a part of Uttar Pradesh, Noida cannot be isolated from the state’s existing challenges. Despite this, many who have relocated to Noida enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Noida real estate benefits greatly from its closeness to Delhi. Staying here is a fantastic decision because of the excellent road network and other civic infrastructure.

Moreover, Noida draws many young professionals from the IT/ITES sector. These young professionals are transforming Noida into the highest-tax-paying district in Uttar Pradesh. Real estate and hotel industry titans are preparing to make significant investments by regularly introducing new projects in Noida. To attract investors, Builders in Noida are constructing cutting-edge commercial spaces. Noida has emerged as the most prominent real estate locations in the National Capital Region.

The value of apartments on Noida Expressway, specially the projects in sector 150 Noida has increased significantly due to the UP Govt.s recently approved international airport at Jewar. Following the same model, a Heliport is also proposed in sector 151A Noida. The authority has made it clear that the facility will be named Noida Heliport and the search for the firm to build the project is already underway. This has also contributed to the Noida and Greater Noida’s increased real estate appeal. Thus, if you have considered points mentioned above, you might know the factors that will lead Noida to be the game changer in coming years. Further more, Noida is attracting more and more development projects, and people in NCR are shifting to this city for better work opportunities and better real estate investment and buying opportunities.

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