Why IT/ITES are moving to Noida?

Why IT/ITES are moving to Noida?

Many cities in India have thrived due to extremely bright and hardworking immigrants. The growing tendency to establish a reservation for domicile workers in private organisations may significantly influence residential and commercial real estate growth in several Indian cities, and out of those, one remarkable name is Noida.

Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) is a metropolis that has been meticulously planned with both residential and commercial projects working in tandem to build the city. If you are looking to buy an apartment in Delhi NCR then Noida might interest you the most. Living in a property in Noida provides excellent work prospects, conference centres, and now, a new airport. As a result, many IT/ITES set up their offices and centres in Noida.

This thoughtfully planned town is now shaping as India’s most innovative city, the National Capital Region’s most advanced urban development hub, and its fastest-growing tourist destination. It has developed as a modern paradigm of long-term urban planning. Noida is being built as a Metro centre to attract economic activity and people to decongest Delhi.There are several career opportunities in Noida these days. Many IT and ITES have established themselves in the city, and the number of prominent corporations is expanding, increasing work prospects. Following the completion of the airport at Jewar, many MNCs would have the reasonable option of locating in Central Noida, Noida Expressway and Noida Extension.

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Let’s look at some important reasons that favours Noida these days.

New Airport

Jewar airport is presently the most buzzing new development in NCR. Work on the same began in December 2018. This airport will be one of the largest in India in terms of area. And the first phase of the project entails the building of 4 thousand acres, with subsequent stages involving the development of the remaining space. This airport will open a new gate of connectivity for everyone making Noida more attractive for IT and ITES.

Infrastructures that calls for your attention

Noida is one of the most well-planned cities in India. It has world-class road network, including the Yamuna Expressway and Noida Expressway. The Yamuna Expressway is a world-class road expressway, and all of the city’s sector highways are likewise reasonably broad. Several parks, renowned hospitals, famous schools are all present in Noida making it a residential paradise as well as preferred choice for business. The city’s futuristic transportation involves the extension of metro lines and highways. Unlike other metropolitans Noida is also blanketed in vegetation and vast green areas.

Investor’s paradise

Noida can provide a very high ROI based on the kind of projects that are taking place in the area. There is a significant pricing gap between projects in Noida, Gurgaonand Delhi. However, with the anticipated infrastructure and government measures, the gap is expected to narrow down dramatically over the next few years. So, the clock is ticking and this might be the best time to invest in properties in Noida.

To some up, you must take a noticethat within a short span of time Noida has emerged as a modern model of far-sighted town planning, making it an ideal city for setting up more and more IT/ITES. 

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